No 100, March 2017

Prof. Mustafa Arici

A Milestone in ERA-EDTA Flash: the 100th issue

by Prof. Mustafa Arici (Editor-in-Chief of ERA-EDTA Flash)


Dear Respected Readers of ERA-EDTA Flash,


We are happy and proud to announce the 100th issue of the ERA-EDTA Flash, the Association’s official electronic newsletter! The first ‘Follow Us Flash’ (this was the former name) issue was released in May 2013 and 4 years later here we are, celebrating its 100th issue. Since the very beginning, this electronic newsletter aimed at becoming a ‘doorstep’ to the ERA-EDTA world as well as to the European Nephrology. Every two weeks we have been working to share news and novelties of our Society with our readers and the appreciation of this newsletter by our readership is indeed the greatest achievement.

An e-survey was recently sent in order to receive the feedback of ERA-EDTA readers and collect potential suggestions. Over the 45% of the users rated ERA-EDTA Flash as ‘good’ and over the 32% as ‘excellent’!

Click here to see the e-survey’s results.


I would like to express my gratitude to previous Editors of the newsletter: Prof. Andrzej Wiecek and Prof. Mehmet Sukru Sever. Their vision and great efforts have greatly helped to improve this newsletter.

I would also like to thank all past and current ERA-EDTA Council members for their continuous support and contributions to ERA-EDTA Flash. Last, but not least, I would like to give my sincere thanks to the people who are in the ‘kitchen’ of this newsletter: Valentina Cocchi, Ilaria Martini and Monica Fontana. They work very hard without any interruption so that this newsletter reaches your inboxes in a timely manner.


We warmly invite our readers to keep on following us and sending their suggestions. Without your feedback and contribution ERA-EDTA Flash would be meaningless.


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