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No 134, May 2018


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ERA-EDTA Headquarters - Via XXIV Maggio, 38 - 43123 Parma - Italy


How quickly can you diagnose a rare disease?

Join the expert community now and test your knowledge of an ultra-rare disease via the survey below. Top line results will be revealed after the 55th ERA-EDTA Congress in Copenhagen (May 24-27, 2018), so you can see how you compared to your peers! Enter the survey here.

This survey is supported by Alexion.



New e-campus area at ERA-EDTA 2018 Congress featuring COMPACT RENAL and beyond!

Educational materials from COMPACT RENAL will be showcased in the new e-Campus area at the 55th ERA-EDTA Congress in Copenhagen. The e-Campus will be introduced in a new format with many features and educational tools: dedicated computer learning stations providing access to COMPACT RENAL educational materials and much more besides, a rare disease corner, providing information on cystinosis, ANCA vasculitis and other rare conditions, Internet access points and refreshments.

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Fabry: A unique disease—uniquely experienced by patients

Fabry disease is a rare, progressive multisystem disorder in which mutations in the gene for α‑galactosidase A lead to an accumulation of lipid substrates in a variety of cell types.1 More than 1000 different mutations have been identified, contributing to remarkable variability in symptoms and disease course. This often has a strong impact on the  renal system. Early signs such as microalbuminuria and proteinuria may be followed by gradual loss of renal function and end-stage renal disease as well as potentially severe cardiac and cardiovascular manifestations in untreated Fabry disease patients.1 As signs and symptoms are nonspecific, patients frequently go undiagnosed for a decade or more.1 To learn more, please visit FabryFacts.com.


Visit the Rare Diseases Corner at the e-campus during the ERA-EDTA Congress 2018 in Copenhagen to learn more.

1. Germain DP. Fabry disease. Orphanet J Rare Dis. 2010;5:30.


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A new NDT-Educational Summary Report of the 54th ERA-EDTA Congress is now available on ENP!

A new NDT-Educational Summary Report of the 54th ERA-EDTA Congress (Madrid, Spain) based on Giuseppe Grandaliano’s presentation entitled  “Treatment of recurrent IgA nephropathy after kidney transplantation” is now online!

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ckj article

Just published online: read the latest CKJ article

Membranoproliferative glomerulonephritis and C3 glomerulopathy in children: change in treatment modality? A case series report
Case series report: Outcomes of seven children with the diagnosis of MPGN I, C3GN and DDD.

In children with MPGN type I and C3G, the outcomes of renal function and response to treatment modality show great variability irrespective of the histological diagnosis at the onset of the disease.

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Candidates for the 2018 ERA-EDTA Council Election!

During the General Assembly in Copenhagen, Denmark, three Ordinary Council Members shall be elected as M. Arici (Turkey), D. Fliser (Germany) and J. Malyszko (Poland) will be ending their terms.
ERA-EDTA Full members are strongly encouraged to participate in this election by voting online for three candidates.

Click here to read the rules and candidate information.


And the ERA-EDTA Award goes to….

In 2010 the ERA-EDTA Council decided to create the “ERA-EDTA Awards”. The first ERA-EDTA Awards were presented in 2011 during the opening ceremony of the Prague Congress.

This year ERA-EDTA has the pleasure of awarding 4 renowned members of the Society according to 4 different categories:


ERA-EDTA Award for Outstanding Basic Science Contributions to Nephrology- Hans-Joachim Anders (Germany)

ERA-EDTA Award for Outstanding Clinical Contributions to Nephrology – Jürgen Floege (Germany)

ERA-EDTA Award for Outstanding Contributions to ERA-EDTA - Andrzej Wiecek (Poland)

ERA-EDTA Stanley Shaldon Award for Young Investigators - Shrikant Ramesh Mulay (Germany)

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EKHA Achievements since 2014

ERA-EDTA is a proud member of the European Kidney Health Alliance (EKHA), an association of European kidney patients, foundations, nurses and physicians, encouraging stakeholders  to join forces to propose solutions for the challenges of Chronic Kidney Disease in Europe.


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