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No 136, May 2018


Editor in Chief: Mustafa Arici - Editorial Secretariat: Valentina Cocchi - Newsletter Design: Ilaria Martini
ERA-EDTA Headquarters - Via XXIV Maggio, 38 - 43123 Parma - Italy


For more Learning and Discoveries. Benefit from a range of fully integrated e-educational services

Before you arrive you can use the Programme Planner to plan your personal agenda. While you are on the go, use the mobile app for onsite navigation and to engage in many learning activities. To review sessions you attended or missed, visit ENP at www.enp-era-edta.org to access abstracts, speakers' slides and webcasts, e-posters etc. and to finalise your own slide summaries. When you are onsite, visit the e-campus in Hall E to learn more about rare diseases, view e-posters, get a demo about ENP and much more. We also offer an ENP Learning Quest onsite. Complete 10 Learning activities and win one of 1000 ENP T-Shirts.  

For more info and direct access to the 2018 digital services click here.

industry symposia supported by Vifor Fresenius Medical Care Renal Pharma

55th ERA-EDTA Congress 2018: Two industry symposia supported by Vifor Fresenius Medical Care Renal Pharma

Controversies surrounding RAASi treatment and hyperkalaemia in cardio-renal patients

Key topics: “Pathophysiology of recurrent hyperkalaemia”, “RAASi benefits in slowing down kidney function decline” and “New treatment options in hyperkalaemia management”.
Find out more here.

The evolving face of CKD-MBD: can an increased understanding lead to improvements in treatment?

Key topics: “Understanding the complexity of CKD-MBD”, “Using our understanding of the evolution of SHPT to choose the right target at the right time” and “Balancing theoretical targets with practical considerations for phosphate management”.
Find out more here.

Interested in Industry Symposia?

Industry Symposia are commercially supported educational activities held during the 55th ERA-EDTA Congress; they are open to delegates and exhibitors to attend.
Click here to access the full list.

How quickly can you diagnose a rare disease?

Join the expert community now and test your knowledge of an ultra-rare disease via the survey below. Top line results will be revealed after the 55th ERA-EDTA Congress in Copenhagen (May 24-27, 2018), so you can see how you compared to your peers! Enter the survey here.

This survey is supported by Alexion.

Register for the 55th ERA-EDTA Congress!

Are you planning to participate in the 55th ERA-EDTA Congress? Click here to learn how to register.

By registering, you automatically become an ERA-EDTA member (category C).

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NEW!!!! Download your UEMS/credits diploma and the certificate of attendance by accessing your Congress delegate restricted area.

Congress delegates are warmly invited to have their badge scanned to ensure that their participation tracking is correctly reported in the certificate of attendance which, starting from this year, CANNOT be printed onsite.

Meet the ERA-EDTA in Copenhagen
Meet the ERA-EDTA in Copenhagen!

In Copenhagen the ERA-EDTA is organising  ‘Meet the ERA-EDTA’ sessions’ that will enable doctors to meet and network with ERA-EDTA Bodies’ representatives at the ERA-EDTA Booth (n. 2.291) in the Exhibition Area (Ground floor) on May 25 and May 26, 2018 at 9.30-17.30.

Click here to access the full list.

Do not forget to visit:

ERA-EDTA Activities booth (no. 2.291): all information regarding ERA-EDTA and its activities

ERA-EDTA Budapest 2019 Congress (no. 2.293): you will find all information regarding ERA-EDTA’s next congress in Budapest, Hungary

ERA-EDTA Education & Future Events (no. 2.395): stop by and collect flyers of other events that may interest you.

Click here to read more information

Meeting on the go
Do you want to catch up at the ERA-EDTA Congress?

Do you need a meeting room during the Congress? Book a meeting room for 1 hour in the “Meeting on the go” area in the Exhibition Hall, booth n. 3.203 and book your meeting.

This service is available free of charge on May 25-26, 2018 and on a first-come-first-serve basis.

Run for the Kidneys in Copenhagen

The Congress Organising Committee is very pleased to announce the RUN for KIDNEYS 2018 which will take place on May 25, 2018 at 16:00 at the 55th ERA-EDTA Congress.

The Run for Kidneys 2018 proceeds will be donated to Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF).

All info on the race (as well as the registration form) is available here.

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