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No 147, July 2018


Editor in Chief: María José Soler Romeo - Editorial Secretariat: Valentina Cocchi
Newsletter Design: Ilaria Martini

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The full 2018 ERA-EDTA Educational Programme is available with many CME Courses organised all over Europe.
Discover them on ENP, read all the scientific programmes and Travel Grant info.
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NDT Author videos

New from NDT: Author videos

Watch the latest author videos from NDT – ‘Defective gene expression of the membrane complement inhibitor CD46 in patients with progressive immunoglobulin A nephropathy ‘ by Rosanna Coppo.
Watch the video here and read the article here.
Click here to see all of the NDT author videos.

CKJ article
Just published online: read the latest CKJ article
A systematic review on genetic susceptibility to delayed graft function following kidney transplantation
A better understanding of the genetic susceptibility to renal ischemia/reperfusion injury may help prevent delayed graft function and improve clinical outcomes in kidney transplant recipients.

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NDT new Impact Factor
We are happy to announce that the latest Impact Factor for NDT has risen to 4.600! To celebrate the new Impact Factor the highly cited articles are freely available.

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ERA-EDTA Council
The ERA-EDTA today and tomorrow: a progress document by the ERA-EDTA Council

Scientific societies are increasingly seen as central to the advancement of information sharing and collaboration among scientists and clinical investigators for the progress of medical research and the promotion of education, professional competence, integrity and quality studies. To more effectively serve the practising nephrologists and investigators dedicated to renal science, the Council of the European Renal Association and European Dialysis and Transplantation Association (ERA-EDTA) has reorganised and integrated the various activities of the Society into two branches, the Clinical Nephrology Governance branch and the Renal Science branch.
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ERA-EDTA cares
ERA-EDTA cares

The ERA-EDTA values the comments that congress delegates have submitted via the post congress feedback questionnaire. The Association is always looking for new ways to improve services, learning and networking opportunities. For this reason, in the upcoming e-newsletters, we would like to address some of the issues that matter to you.

E- material is hard to share with colleagues in a busy everyday reality. I suggest that the Abstract book should be in paper format ’. and ‘Please, do not be too "green"! Hardcopies of essential materials should be maintained’.

With the ever increasing importance of environmental issues, the ERA-EDTA has decided to implement a ‘greener’ approach, which might impact standard services (i.e. congress materials) and potentially clinical activities. [read ‘ERA-EDTA is the first medical association that invests in ‘greener’ healthcare!’ by Peter Blankenstijn]. The Association is committed to constantly improving the online materials’ offer so that both its members and congress delegates can take advantage of them. The ERA-EDTA is happy to announce that a digital version (also downloadable as a PDF) of the Abstract Book (NDT Volume 33 Issue suppl. 1, May 28) is available on the home page of the Congress website.

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