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No 93, December 2016

Prof. Mustafa Arici (ERA-EDTA Flash Editor–in-Chief)

Holiday Wishes from ERA-EDTA Flash Editor–in-Chief, Prof. Mustafa Arici

Dear valuable readers of ERA-EDTA Flash,

I would like to thank all readers of this electronic newsletter. We have made substantial changes with regard to the style and content of ERA-EDTA Flash, but have nonetheless continued our aim to keep you updated about ERA-EDTA activities, news and announcements, hot papers of the ERA-EDTA Journals (namely NDT and CKJ) and updates of the European Nephrology Portal (ENP). We look forward to 2017 to enrich our content even more and would like to “feel” your continuous follow-up. Please be an active partner of ERA-EDTA, give us feedback and help us to create the best ‘habitat’ for European Nephrology.

In the days when many people in the World are still suffering from wars, terror and crimes, I hope that the New Year brings peace and serenity everywhere. On behalf of ERA-EDTA Flash and the entire ERA-EDTA family, I would like to wish you a wonderful New Year filled with abundance, joy, and treasured moments.

The Diabesity in Renal Transplantation CME’s presentations are now available on the European Nephrology Platform!

The ‘Diabesity in Renal Transplantation’ CME was a successful educational event that took place on December 2-3, 2016 in Sitges (Spain) and that was organized by the ERA-EDTA Working Groups ‘Diabesity’ and ‘Descartes’. The course focused on Post-Transplant Diabetes Mellitus (PTDM) and obesity after renal transplantation. The slide presentations (in PDF format) shown at the CME are now available on ENP for all ERA-EDTA Members registered to ENP..

Just published online! Read the latest NDT and CKJ articles

Just published online! Read the latest NDT articles

AVF closure is associated with decline in graft function
In this study, 285 kidney transplant recipients were retrospectively categorized into three groups: no arteriovenous fistula (AVF), closed AVF and left-open AVF. AVF closure occurred at 653 ± 441 days after kidney transplantation, with a thrombosis-to-ligation ratio of 19:95. The result of the study was that a significant acceleration of eGFR decline was observed over the 12 months following the closure of a functioning AVF.

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Incremental hemodialysis: A variable target model might be beneficial
A limitation of incremental hemodialysis (HD) is the fact that the current prescription is based on a fixed target model. The authors of this study suggest that a shift from the fixed target model to a variable target model that reflects the residual renal urea clearance more strongly might be beneficial. They used a double pool urea kinetic model to model dialysis sessions for 360 virtual patients – and draw the conclusion: “A variable target model is likely to be safe but needs to be confirmed by randomized controlled trials.”

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The New ERBP Guideline on Management of Older CKD Patients is available online!

The European Renal Best Practice (ERBP) Group recently published the ’Clinical Practice Guideline on management of older patients with chronic kidney disease stage 3b or higher (eGFR<45ml/min/1.73m2)’. The Guideline intends to provide an evidence-based rationale and, thus, to facilitate informed decision-making on the management of older patients with CKD.

The new ERBP guideline is available online here.

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