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No 95, January 2017


The European Nephrology Portal hosts CME announcements

ENP, the new leading educational tool by the ERA-EDTA, is now enhanced by a brand new webpage featuring a list of important educational events supported by the Association. Click on the CME announcements for updated programs and travel grant opportunities for young professionals. Important post-course materials will be also available and accessible to ERA-EDTA members.


Get ready for the ERA-EDTA’s 2017 Educational Programme!

The ERA-EDTA Committee for CME activities, chaired by Prof. Loreto Gesualdo, is happy to announce that the ERA-EDTA educational programme for the first semester of 2017 is now online.

2017 CME courses cover a wide spectrum of hot topics, new or debated issues, review on recent advancements in renal diseases and dialysis as well as in the fields of transplantation, CKD-MBD, cardio- nephrology, renal biopsy, epidemiology, nephropathology, inherited diseases, hypertension and diabetes.

The first CME of 2017 is the educational event organized by Prof. Ivan Rychlik, traditionally held during the 17th Prague Postgraduate Training Course under the auspicies of the Czech Society of Nephrology. This year the CME will focus on ‘Pitfalls of pharmacotherapy in chronic kidney disease’.

Just published online! Read the latest NDT and CKJ articles

Just published online! Read the latest NDT and CKJ articles

How to control systems of the ultrafiltration setting while performing HDF?
When performing HC-HDF, rigorous control systems of the ultrafiltration setting are required. This new study shows that the global ultrafiltration coefficient of the dialysis system (GKD-UF; defined as ultrafiltration rate (QUF)/transmembrane pressure) is a reliable and accurate method to assess the water permeability of a system in vivo. It varies according to dialysis setting and patient-related factors.

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Rituximab-based immunosuppression -based immunosuppression goes along with a higher infection rate
In this study the outcomes of all patients who received RTX therapy for glomerular disease between June 2000 and October 2011 in eight French nephrology departments were analyzed. Among 98 treated patients 25 suffered from at least one infection. Most infections were bacterial (79%) and pneumonia was the most frequent infection reported (27%). The authors concluded that the risk of infection after RTX-based immunosuppression among patients with glomerulopathy must be considered and patients should receive close monitoring and appropriate infection prophylaxis

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Last call for candidates for the 2017 ERA-EDTA Council Elections

At the General Assembly  that will be held on June 5, 2017 during 54th ERA-EDTA Congress in Madrid (Spain), two ex-officio Council members and three Ordinary Council members will be elected. All full ERA-EDTA members are strongly invited to participate in these elections by submitting their candidacy and/or by voting in the election of the new Ordinary Council Members.

If you would like to apply for a position on the ERA-EDTA Council, click here to find out more. The deadline for applications is February 13, 2017.

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