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No 99, March 2017


The ERA-EDTA Highlights at the ASN Kidney Week are now available on the European Nephrology Platform (ENP)!
Every year the ERA-EDTA presents the highlights of its Annual Congress in a special session at the ASN Kidney Week. Starting from 2016, the webcast of the presentations will be published on ENP. Click here to see the 2016 highlights!


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The 54th ERA-EDTA Congress in Madrid, the Paper Selection Committee, Nephrology in Israel and nephrotweeting are just some of the topics covered in the March edition. The Follow Us newsletter provides information about ERA-EDTA's activities, initiatives and people. It is also a forum for sharing anecdotes and perspectives. If you have an interesting and relevant story that you would like to share, please get in touch at followus@era-edta.org

NDT Articles

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Serum uric acid: A potential marker for mortality in HD patients
In general, patients under hemodialysis (HD) have high mortality rate. But it is difficult to pinpoint which dialysis patients are at a special high risk. A study that has recently been published in NDT suggests that serum uric acid (SUA) might be a reliable tool for risk-stratifying patients. 4,298 patients who initiated HD had one or more SUA measurements in a contemporary cohort of HD patients over 5 years. The results were surprising. Contrary to the general population, low but not high SUA is associated with higher all-cause mortality in HD patients, especially in those with low protein intake.


Only 5% of the patients attain all guideline targets!

The results of a study that analyzed the attainment of international and European guideline targets for haemodialysis patients in European countries are rather shocking. Only 34.1% of patients attained their target blood pressure and 31.2% attained their target haemoglobin level. Overall, only 5% of the patients attained all of the studied guideline targets. What surprises even more is that the levels of national healthcare expenditures and nephrologist workforce were not correlated with the percentage of patients on-target. Puzzled?


Reorganization of the ERA-EDTA Group successfully completed


The reorganization of the ERA-EDTA group (consisting of: ERA-EDTA, ERA-Eurocongress Ltd, Euromeetings srl) has been successfully completed. Euromeetings, a small, formerly privately owned company belongs now to ERA-Eurocongress Ltd., a subsidiary company fully owned by ERA-EDTA.
In April 2016 Euromeetings was donated by the owners to ERA-Eurocongress Ltd., the subsidiary company of ERA-EDTA. Thus, the ERA-EDTA consolidated group now includes not only ERA-Eurocongress Ltd., but also Euromeetings. Both companies do now perform the congresses and all the commercial activities linked to ERA-EDTA. The reorganization of the entire group brought along some changes in the personnel, too. Two of the group´s employees, are hired by Euromeetings. All the others are hired by ERA-EDTA (a list of staff, roles and functions can be found at http://web.era-edta.org/era-edta-operative-headquarters ). Ms. Anna Maria Manara no longer works for the group: ERA-EDTA is very grateful to Ms. Manara for all the work that she performed in the previous years! *.

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