No 100, March 2017

Prof. Mehmet Surku Sever

An Interview with Prof. Mehmet Surku Sever

(Former Editor-in-Chief of Follow Us Flash)


When were you appointed to the Editorship of Follow Us Flash (FUF)?
In June 2013, I was asked by the ERA-EDTA Council to take over editorship of FUF from Prof. Wiecek. The idea was to create a new ERA-EDTA electronic newsletter with a more dynamic and “easy-to-reach” format compared to the already existing printed newsletter (Follow Us).
What were your achievements during your Editorship?
Firstly, I aimed at reaching a wider readership. The first 5 issues of FUF were sent to ERA-EDTA members only. Following the ERA-EDTA Council’s approval, we added NDT Educational subscribers, the ERA-EDTA Working Groups’ contacts and the participants of the last 3 ERA-EDTA Congresses to those receiving FUF. The number of readers eventually climbed from 6130 to 27.000 and the number of colleagues reading the full version increased from 1875 to 5431 by October 2013. As per the contents, I aimed at providing more information on new initiatives and successful ongoing activities of ERA-EDTA as well as giving news from the Council and making announcements of the Working Groups’ achievements. In short, I aimed at a more efficient use of FUF as the ‘voice’ of ERA-EDTA.
What are your expectations for the future of ERA-EDTA Flash?

In my last Council meeting (2015), I suggested the following headlines for the future contents of this newsletter:

- Highlights from some interesting studies published in NDT / CKJ

- Highlights from the ERA-EDTA congresses

- EKHA News /Advancements

I am happy to see that many of these suggestions have been followed and incorporated in ERA-EDTA Flash.

Would you like to say something more on your experience as Editor of FUF?
I am thankful to the ERA-EDTA Presidents and all Council members for their invaluable support and very useful suggestions during my Editorship. My special thanks go, of course, to a unique collaborator, Mrs Valentina Cocchi, who was instrumental in all the achievements of FUF

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