No 100, March 2017

Prof. Andrzej Wiecek

From “Follow Us” through “Follow Us Flash”  to  “ERA-EDTA Flash” - from my perspective

by Prof. Andrzej  Wiecek (President of the ERA-EDTA)


When I started my term as the ERA-EDTA Secretary-Treasurer in 2011, and thus became the Editor of the ERA-EDTA newsletter called “Follow Us”, I thought that there was a need for its restructuring and also to have more frequent editions in order to improve the communication with the ERA-EDTA members, especially since the various activities of our Association were continuously growing. My proposal was presented during the ERA-EDTA Council meeting in March 2012. Linked to this proposal, during the same Council meeting a new initiative was also proposed, namely to launch an electronic version of our newsletter which was then called “Follow Us Flash”. The idea was to send to all ERA-EDTA members brief updates on Society activities with 3-4 topics on regular basis (every two weeks) and hyperlinks to “read more” sections. This sounded like a great tool to communicate with members and encourage them to become more active in the life of ERA-EDTA. At that time Prof. Mehmet Sever, as the “Follow Us” Co-Editor, was asked to be in charge of this new initiative. Mrs. Valentina Cocchi and Mrs. Ilaria Martini, from the ERA-EDTA Headquarters, were very instrumental in launching and publishing “Follow us Flash” (the previous for the suggestions and support regarding the content, the latter one for the graphic design of the newsletter).  The effect was fabulous and so were the statistics of articles’ readership. In 2013 therefore the Council decided to send the newsletter not only to the ERA-EDTA members but also to participants of our Congresses, Courses, fellowships, abstract submitters, etc. After a while, in 2015, when I was already the ERA-EDTA Presided, the Council nominated a new Editor, Prof. Mustafa Arici, and in 2016 it decided to change the name to “ERA-EDTA Flash” and to link this new name to a special new logo. The success of our electronic newsletter is great and unquestionable with the current number of recipients above 36.000.

On the occasion of 100th issue of “ERA-EDTA Flash”, I would like to thank everyone who helped with this initiative and, almost on a daily basis, participated in its accomplishments, especially to Prof. Mehmet  Sever, Prof. Mustafa Arici, Mrs. Valentina Cocchi, Mrs. Ilaria Martini and last but not least to Mrs. Monica Fontana. Finally, I would like to wish the editors and readers hundreds of very interesting new issues in the future. I’m sure that it will be possible, since the ERA-EDTA is constantly launching new initiatives, for both its members and non-members, and ”ERA-EDTA Flash” will certainly remain the best way for communicating all of them.

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