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NDT-Educational Newsletter                                                       Issue 23 - July 2020

EDITOR IN CHIEF: Davide Bolignano
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Summary Reports from 57th ERA-EDTA Virtual Congress
Corticosteroids as first treatment in MCD, FSGS and IgAN: when and how. Long term side effects
Presented by Claudio Ponticelli
Summary 1
Cortisol is an essential glucocorticoid hormone with a very distinct circadian rhythm regulated by the suprachiasmatic nucleus in the hypothalamus. Healthy individuals have the lowest cortisol levels at midnight, followed by an overnight rise to peak in the morning, and then slowly decline throughout the day. Only 10% of cortisol is in a free, bioavailable form, while the rest is bound to transcortin and albumin.
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Claudio Ponticelli

Congress Presentation

This talk has been presented by Claudio Ponticelli during the 57th ERA-EDTA Virtual Congress 2020.
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Vitamin K in CKD patients: metabolism and therapeutic aspects
Presented by Jürgen Floege

Summary 2
Vitamin K refers to a group of liposoluble vitamins that play an important role in blood clotting, bone metabolism and regulation of calcium levels. Its role in the coagulation process (germ. Koagulation – hence the K) was first observed by the Danish scientist, Henrik Dam, in 1929, while its chemical structure was discovered by Edward Adelbert Doisy in 1943. Still, it was not until 1974 that the exact function of vitamin K in the body was recognized.
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Congress Presentation
This talk has been presented by Jürgen Floege during the 57th ERA-EDTA Virtual Congress 2020.
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