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NDT-Educational Newsletter                                                Issue 25 - September 2020

EDITOR IN CHIEF: Davide Bolignano
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NEWSLETTER DESIGN: Francesca Trebelli
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Summary Reports from 57th ERA-EDTA Virtual Congress
Should I change my daily practice in the treatment of lupus nephritis with new drugs for SLE?
Presented by Gabriella Moroni
Summary 1
Lupus nephritis (LN) is among the most serious manifestations of systemic lupus erythematosus (SLE). Despite the advances in management and outcomes, it still represents a major challenge for nephrologists. The paramount treatment goal in LN patients is the long-term preservation of renal function through the rapid achievement of therapeutic response, efficient treatment of refractory forms, minimizing the rate of relapses and reduction, or even elimination of corticosteroids. To achieve these goals short-term predictive endpoints are also important in clinical practice, as they help clinicians adjust the treatment plan.
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Gabriella Moroni

Congress Presentation

This talk has been presented by Gabriella Moroni during the 57th ERA-EDTA Virtual Congress 2020.
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How to choose the right dialysis access for an individual patient
Presented by Maurizio Gallieni

Summary 2
The number of patients requiring renal replacement therapy has increased worldwide in the last decades. The most common replacement therapy is hemodialysis, which requires adequate vascular access as a key component to achieve high-quality treatment. However, the exact timing and choice of the type of vascular access remain elusive.
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Maurizio Gallieni
Congress Presentation
This talk has been presented by Maurizio Gallieni during the 57th ERA-EDTA Virtual Congress 2020.
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