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NDT-Educational Newsletter                                                Issue 26 - September 2020

EDITOR IN CHIEF: Davide Bolignano
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Summary Reports from 57th ERA-EDTA Virtual Congress
Nutrition in patients with AKI: does it matter?
Presented by Enrico Fiaccadori
Summary 1
Despite the major advances in the diagnosis and treatment of acute kidney injury (AKI), the prognosis remains poor for these patients. The population developing AKI is increasingly older, with multiple comorbidities and conditions contributing to AKI development and aggravating its course. Malnutrition is a frequent finding in patients with AKI and as many as 40% of them are severely malnourished according to the Subjective Global Assessment method.
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Enrico Fiaccadori

Congress Presentation

This talk has been presented by Enrico Fiaccadori during the 57th ERA-EDTA Virtual Congress 2020.
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