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NDT-Educational Newsletter                                                    Issue 27 - October 2020

EDITOR IN CHIEF: Davide Bolignano
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Summary Reports from 57th ERA-EDTA Virtual Congress
High altitude medicine
Presented by Gianfranco Parati
Summary 1
High altitude (HA) locations are defined as sites situated at an elevation of at least 2500m above sea level. Contemporary transportation options provide easy access to HA locations, making them conveniently available to a large number of individuals including the elderly, sedentary, and diseased persons. With increasing altitude, a progressive reduction in barometric pressure, air temperature, and air humidity develop. Physiological acclimatization mechanisms impose a significantly increased workload on the cardiovascular and renal systems.
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Gianfranco Parati

Congress Presentation

This talk has been presented by Gianfranco Parati during the 57th ERA-EDTA Virtual Congress 2020.
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HDF versus medium cut-off dialyzers
Presented by Francisco Maduell
Summary 2
Hemodiafiltration (HDF) has been introduced to practice as a dialysis modality in the late 1990s pertaining to the development of techniques for the on-line production of sterile infusate from the dialysate. This therapy combines conventional diffusive hemodialysis (HD) with the convectional component of hemofiltration, thus offering potential added benefits of improved larger molecule clearance in addition to good small molecule clearance. There have been no unfavorable studies published about this method during the 25 years of its utilization.
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Francisco Maduell

Congress Presentation

This talk has been presented by Francisco Maduell during the 57th ERA-EDTA Virtual Congress 2020.
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