ERA-EDTA Ethics Committee (

2018 Report of the ERA-EDTA Ethics Committee (EC)
During the last year the EC collaborated with the Scientific Committee of the ERA-EDTA Congress in Copenhagen to organize a Symposium debate on the “Ethics Aspects in Dialysis and Kidney Transplantation in the Elderly”.

Two speakers talked on Dialysis:
PRO J. Bos, Nieuweigein
CON: M. Yaqoob, London.

Two speakers talked on Kidney Transplantation:
PRO R. Oberbauer, Vienna
CON.  K. Budde, Berlin

About 300 nephrologists participated in the Symposium and the discussion was very interesting and stimulated new suggestions in the field of end-stage kidney disease in the elderly.

On the base of this large participation in Copenhagen the EC, at its last meeting, suggested having a new Symposium debate on “The use of anti-inflammatory drugs in the elderly” that may involve nephrologists, rheumatologists and medical practitioners.

During the course of the year the ERA-EDTA Council decided that all proposals of the Working Groups and Committees of the Association and thus also the Ethics Committee must be submitted to the Association’s Scientific Advisory Board so that an evaluation and selection of the best proposals could be put forward for the topics of ERA-EDTA’s 1st Scientific Educational and Interaction Day (SEID) that will be held in Vienna (Austria) on October 25-26, 2019.  Many different proposals were submitted and only a few had the possibility of being accepted and, finally, our proposal was not included in the program.

The EC has also collaborated with the Scientific Committee of the ERA-EDTA Congress that will be held in Budapest on June 13-16, 2019. Four experts in Ethics have been invited for the following Symposia:

1) How Start Or Stop Dialysis?
C. Combe, Dialysis yes or no? Same question, different answers depending on the context

2) CKB-MBD and therapeutic approaches
J. Bover, Evidence in CKD-MBD guidelines: Is it time to treat? Is it time to wait?

3) Improving the organ donor pool
A. Rahmel, Identifying organizational barriers to organ donation in hospitals

4) Overcoming age with frailty evaluation in the kidney transplant recipient  
F.P. Schena, Ethics aspects in frail patients and the organ donor pool

The EC supports the ERA-EDTA Council and the Scientific Committee of the next ERA-EDTA Congresses that will be held in Milan on June 6-9, 2020 with any matter related to ethical matters. Thus, experts in Ethics will be suggested for topics chosen by the Committee. Furthermore, the EC during the next board meeting in Budapest will discuss on some topics that will be submitted to the Scientific Advisory Board for the next Scientific Educational and Interaction Day that will be held in the Fall of 2020.
Finally, the EC has suggested to organize a training course for young ERA-EDTA members who wish to organize clinical trials (a certificate of attendance may be released to the participants).