2018 – SAB, Research Programme, Young Fellowship Programme

SAB (http://web.era-edta.org/sab)
Here is the SAB Members’ list as of December 31, 2018:
Zoccali, Carmine (Italy) - SAB Chair / ERA-EDTA President
Anders, Hans-Joachim (Germany) - SAB Secretary-Coordinator 
Fliser, Danilo (Germany) - Renal Science Chair / Chair of the Paper Selection Committee
Massy, Ziad (France) - Clinical Nephrology Governance Chair
Wagner, Carsten Alexander (Switzerland) - SAB Co-Chair 
Bruchfeld, Annette (Sweden)
Capasso, Giovambattista (Italy)
Evenepoel, Pieter (Belgium)
Malyszko, Jolanta (Poland) 
Mann, Johannes F.E. (Germany)
Ong, Albert (United Kingdom)
Romagnani, Paola (Italy) 
Sarafidis, Pantelis (Greece)
Sever, Mehmet Sukru (Turkey) 
Turkmen, Kultigin (Turkey)
Unwin, Robert J. (United Kingdom)
Verhaar, Marianne (The Netherlands)

In 2018 the SAB supported the ERA-EDTA in its scientific activities, in particular it advised the Council on the Awards, Research Programme and Young Fellowship Programme.

4 of the Projects granted during the past Calls are ongoing and their progress reports are constantly evaluated by the SAB Chair, Co-Chair, Secretary-Coordinator as well as the Council.

YOUNG FELLOWSHIP PROGRAMME AND OTHER FELLOWSHIPS (http://web.era-edta.org/young-fellowship-programme-1)
The 2018 ERA-EDTA Young Fellowship Programme Call saw the submission of 24 applications:
- 9 Long Term Research
- 5 Short Term Research
- 10 Short Term Clinical
The ERA-EDTA assigned 12 fellowships:
- 3 Long Term Research
- 2 Short Term Research
- 7 Short Term Clinical
In 2015, the ERA-EDTA Registry started a programme of ultra-short research fellowships that are linked to the EURODOPPS project. The ERA-EDTA Registry evaluates the applications but can consult the SAB in case of need with regard to the selection of these fellows. In 2018, 3 applications were submitted and 3 were granted.
Still in 2015, the Stavros Foundation and the Hellenic Society of Nephrology signed an agreement regarding special fellowships for Greek young nephrologists, funded by the Stavros Foundation, for which the ERA-EDTA SAB does the selection process. In 2018, 2 applications were submitted and 2 were granted, even if only 1 started since 1 candidate finally refused the opportunity.

2019 - AWARDS (http://web.era-edta.org/era-edta-awards)
For the 2019 ERA-EDTA Awards the Scientific Advisory Board (SAB) was instrumental in helping the ERA-EDTA Council to select the winners.
Starting from 2019, the SAB replaced the Award Committee in this selection according to the ERA-EDTA President’s new vision of the Association.
In 2019 the ERA-EDTA assigned 3 awards:

  1. Outstanding clinical contributions to nephrology and/or dialysis and/or transplantation;
  2. Outstanding basic science contributions to nephrology and/or dialysis and/or transplantation;
  3. Stanley Shaldon Award for young investigators.

The candidates for the Outstanding Clinical and Basic Science contribution to nephrology Awards were submitted through an open call and through both the SAB and the Council’s proposals.

The candidates for Stanley Shaldon Award for young investigators were chosen among the best young authors of abstracts and LBCT abstracts presented during the past three ERA-EDTA Congresses.

Click here to see the complete list of Awards: http://web.era-edta.org/era-edta-awards-2019