In 2018, there were eight active ERA-EDTA Working Groups:

CKD – MBD on chronic kidney diseases and metabolic bone diseases;
DESCARTES on transplantation;
DIABESITY which aims at creating and disseminating knowledge on the nephrological impact of Diabetes and Obesity
EUDIAL on hemodialysis and related techniques;
EURECA-m which deals with the link between chronic kidney diseases and cardiovascular diseases;
ERN (European Renal Nutrition) that aims at conducting research on the impact of lifestyle, diet, nutrient homeostasis and protein-energy wasting (PEW) management on chronic kidney disease outcomes;
Immunonephrology that is active in the field of immune system dysregulation;
WGIKD focuses on rare and inherited kidney disorders

ERA-EDTA also endorses a Working Group of another Society:
EUTox (European Uremic Toxin), a Working Group which focuses on researching on uremic toxicity,
created by the European Society of Artificial Organs (ESAO).

Very relevant and valuable studies have been carried out by the ERA-EDTA Working Groups and these have helped raise ERA-EDTA's visibility not only in Europe but worldwide.
Working Groups also help disseminate education by organising educational events that are extremely helpful for doctors’ daily practice.
In 2018, 10 educational events were organised in 8 European Countries. Three of them were Working Groups’ joint ventures, one of these being also in collaboration with other ERA-EDTA Educational Bodies (YNP and the Ethics Committee).
More information on the ERA-EDTA Working Group educational activities is available at (under the ‘Research and Edu’ and ‘ERA-EDTA CME Courses’ sections).

The Working Groups also worked on extremely successful projects carried out throughout the years such as the LUST and EURECA-m Registry (EURECA-m), CONVINCE (Eudial), the European Registry for Rare Kidney Diseases (WGIKD), the ‘Multicenter prospective randomized study investigating the efficiency and safety of a REDUCEd immunosuppressive therapy’ and the ‘European transplant registry of senior renal transplant recipients’ (DESCARTES), the EUropean Renal OsteoDystrophy registry (CKD-MBD), the European Nephrectomy Bio-bank (Diabesity) and International DELPHI Consensus on Nutritional Treatment in non-Dialysis (ERN), just to mention a few of them.