ERA-EDTA in the Social Media and COMMUNICATION (Website Committee, Press activity, Follow Us and ERA-EDTA Flash)

Social Media

The ERA-EDTA has stable visibility on Social Media and its presence is constantly growing. The ERA-EDTA has a profile on the most important Social Media platforms such as: Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Instagram as well as a video channel on Vimeo and Youtube.
The ERA-EDTA profile on Google+ closed in April 2019.

We also have Twitter profiles dedicated to: the ERA-EDTA Registry, the Young Nephrologists’ Platform (YNP), and our official Journals NDT and CKJ.

In 2018, the ERA-EDTA Followers on Social Media grew consistently and at the end of the year we had reached the following numbers:

The following graph shows how the followers have grown in 2018.

During the 55th Congress in Copenhagen, 10 nephrologists tweeted about ERA-EDTA, covering several scientific sessions and using the official Congress hashtag #ERAEDTA18.
ERA-EDTA’s Twitter profile produced very good results. The “#ERAEDTA18” was nominated as one of the best 2018 hashtags and in general ERA-EDTA has been selected as the best Nephrology Social Media profile. During the 56th Congress in Budapest Twitter will also be used to cover the event.
In order to increase ERA-EDTA’s presence on Social Media it has been decided to officially form a Social Media Team. The Chair of the team will be the ECC (Electronic Communication Committee) Chair who nominates a Social Media Team Leader. The Social Media Team members have been selected through an open call. The Social Media Team will work during the Annual Congress to cover the scientific presentations and throughout the whole year to help share educational and scientific news, posts and tweets.


Press Activity

In the year 2018, 25 press releases were published. Most of them highlighted new data published in NDT or CKJ. In the long term, this will attribute to the impact factor of both ERA-EDTA journals. Apart from these science-driven press releases, releases on special events (e.g. on the occasion of World Kidney Day or on the rising prevalence of CKD) were published. Before their publication, all press releases were authorised by a member of the “Press Validation Team”, to which Council members have been appointed, and by the editors-in-chief and/or study authors (in case the press release dealt with news study results). Special thanks go to all of them for their reliable and quick support!
In October 2018, the topic selection and authorisation process were changed. The media response analysis had shown that many press release topics were too specific and had not risen much interest. The new strategy is to choose more “general topics”. Dr. Kate Steven and Dr. Maria Jose Soler have the function of press officers. They help to select interesting studies and are responsible for the approval process. A special thanks goes to them as well! The new strategy starts to show success. Some of the previous press releases were covered by the general medical press (Medical News Today, Medscape, Medical Tribune and Hospital Medicine) and by journals on nephrology or hypertension.
For the congress in Copenhagen, two comprehensive press packs were developed and one press events was organised. During the Congress, a scientific press conference took place: a selection of the "Late Breaking Clinical Trials" (LBCT) and other milestone papers that were published during the congress were presented by their authors (prior to their official presentation in the congress programme, under embargo) and discussed with 16 international medical journalists who were attending the event. This press conference was organised with the support of Professor Danilo Fliser (Chair of the ERA-EDTA Paper Selection Committee), who also moderated the discussion. A similar programme has now been planned for the congress in Budapest.
In addition to the media relations of the ERA-EDTA, the press office also supports the society´s communication with its members by producing news items, which are published via social media, the website, newsletters or reports on special events (e.g. EKHA meetings, National Societies´ meetings).

Website committee
The ERA-EDTA web-site is a very important communication tool of the Society. 
ERA-EDTA Websites - Report Spring Council Meeting, London 2019 - Dr. Kate Stevens (United Kingdom)

Follow Us (
Follow Us Report 2018

ERA-EDTA Flash 2018 (
In 2018 the ERA-EDTA Flash newsletter reached over 38,000 users and released 50 issues.
Issues are now more scientifically oriented giving even more visibility to ERA-EDTA Working Groups achievements, hot papers appearing on both NDT and CKJ and the latest news from the European Nephrology Portal (ENP).