ERA-EDTA’s Collaboration with other Societies (2019)

With the “Ambassador” programme,
ERA-EDTA has asked “Partner Societies” to suggest names of a speakers (and specific themes/titles) to be incorporated into the main scientific program of the annual Congress as a special lecture. The contribution of partner societies is officially recognized in the main programme of the Congress furthermore the speaker (the partner society’s “Ambassador”) and the title of the presentation proposed by the same societies is clearly identified in the Congress programme. The partner Societies reciprocate in a similar manner with ERA-EDTA “Ambassadors”.

Currently ERA-EDTA is engaged in this programme with the following Societies: CSN (Chinese Society of Nephrology), ESH (European Society of Hypertension); ESPN (European Society for Paediatric Nephrology); EULIS (the European Association of Urology, Section of Urolithiasis); IAHN (International Association of the History of Nephrology), ISPD (International Society of Peritoneal Dialysis), JSN (the Japanese Society of Nephrology) and VAS (the Vascular Access Society).

The collaboration with JSN is extremely successful and this includes not only the “Ambassador” programme, but also very fruitful collaborations (and projects/publications) between the respective working groups as well as the young committees.

Other societies are interested in actively collaborating with the ERA-EDTA and currently in progress other proposals are being discussed.

ERA-EDTA also continues its excellent collaboration with ASN (American Society of Nephrology) and ISN (International Society of Nephrology) and the joint initiatives.

In 2019 up today, the three societies continue to disseminate the Wow Number. ERA-EDTA and ISN published simultaneously in each other’s journal, respectively NDT and KI, the manuscript entitled: A single number for advocacy and communication—worldwide more than 850 million individuals have kidney diseases.