NDT-Educational (www.era-edta.org/en/ndt-educational/)

NDT-Educational has also been re-developed in 2019. NDT-Educational now has an Editor-in-Chief and Editorial Board (consisting of 8 membersThe new website (integrated in the general ERA-EDTA Website) went live in February and the first official NDT-Educational newsletter has been circulated.

The NDT-Educational website contains Summary Reports from annual congress’ presentations, ERA-EDTA Dialogues and, starting from 2020, a link to long Reviews on a selected number of congress presentations published in NDT or CKJ.In 2019 NDT-Educationalpublished 27 Summary Reports.

The ERA-EDTA Dialogue also follows a new formula: topics are proposed by the NDT-Educational Board members and are published on Twitter as an interactive discussion. ERA-EDTA members can also propose new Dialogues.