Green Nephrology Committee (GNC) (

The Green Nephrology Committee (GNC) officially started its activities on October 18, 2018.

The main GNC objectives are:

  1. Create a platform within ERA-EDTA to start a dialogue and foster interaction among different stakeholders related to the subject of environment and health/disease.

  2. Create awareness on the topic by producing position statements, making scientific presentations and organising meetings.

  3. Education is essential one of the objectives is to make medical environmental impact mandatory in the medical curriculum (and in every health professions), thus the knowledge regarding the environmental consequences of the services that the medical community offers on a daily basis.

  4. Lobbying with Health Authorities to set a minimum standard related to environmental impact for companies when applying for competition calls for dialysis providers.

GNC Board and Ordinary Members

The current Board Members of the GNC are the following:

Peter J. Blankestijn (The Netherlands) – Chair and ERA-EDTA Chair of the Scientific Committee 2020 Congress

Carmine Zoccali (Italy) – ERA-EDTA President

Ivan Rychlík (Czech Republic) – ERA-EDTA Secretary-Treasurer

Danilo Fliser (Germany) – ERA-EDTA Renal Science Chair/Chair of the Administrative Offices

Massy Ziad (France) – ERA-EDTA Clinical Nephrology Governance Chair/Chair of the Registry

Edita Noruišienė (Lithuania) – EDTNA/ERCA representative

Annette Bruchfeld (Sweden) – Ordinary member

Christoph Wanner (Germany) – Ordinary member

Kate Stevens (UK) – Ordinary member

Maria Jose Romeo Soler (Spain) – Ordinary member

Prof. Alberto Ortiz was a Board member of the committee as the 2019 ERA-EDTA Chair of the Scientific Committee and due to the nature of his position he ended his term after the congress in Budapest in 2019.

Collaboration with Industries and other Societies

The committee had a few meetings with some industries (Baxter, BBraun, Fresenius Medical Care and Medtronic) and lastly with two international Societies (ASN and ISN) to collaborate and reach its objectives.

At the moment, the committee is working on the possible work distribution and projects that each partner could execute to contribute towards the fulfilment of the objectives.