2019 – SAB, Research Programme, Young Fellowship Programme, Awards

SAB (http://web.era-edta.org/sab)
Here is the SAB Members’ list as of December 31, 2019:
Zoccali, Carmine (Italy) - SAB Chair / ERA-EDTA President
Anders, Hans-Joachim (Germany) - SAB Secretary-Coordinator 
Fliser, Danilo (Germany) - Renal Science Chair / Chair of the Paper Selection Committee
Massy, Ziad (France) - Clinical Nephrology Governance Chair
Wagner, Carsten Alexander (Switzerland) - SAB Co-Chair 
Bruchfeld, Annette (Sweden)
Capasso, Giovambattista (Italy)
Evenepoel, Pieter (Belgium)
Malyszko, Jolanta (Poland) 
Mann, Johannes F.E. (Germany)
Ong, Albert (United Kingdom)
Romagnani, Paola (Italy) 
Sarafidis, Pantelis (Greece)
Sever, Mehmet Sukru (Turkey) 
Turkmen, Kultigin (Turkey)
Unwin, Robert J. (United Kingdom)
Verhaar, Marianne (The Netherlands)

In 2019 the SAB supported the ERA-EDTA in its scientific activities, in particular it advised the Council on the Awards, Research Programme and Young Fellowship Programme.

4 of the Projects granted during the past Calls are ongoing and their progress reports are constantly evaluated by the SAB Chair, Co-Chair, Secretary-Coordinator as well as the Council. 

YOUNG FELLOWSHIP PROGRAMME AND OTHER FELLOWSHIPS (https://www.era-edta.org/en/research)

In 2019 the ERA-EDTA allocated 9 fellowships:

- 3 Clinical Short Term Fellowships

- 2 Registry Fellowships

- 4 Long Term Fellowships

Starting from 2019, to enhance integration of the ERA-EDTA activities, the ERA-EDTA decided to assign Long Term Research Fellowships to support research proposals by the ERA-EDTA Committees, with the aim to simultaneously finance the worthy ERA-EDTA Committee’s projects and to favor young researchers’ growth.

Each of the following 4 projects have been granted with 1 year Long Term Fellowship in 2019:

- The failing renal graft an ERA-EDTA initiated randomized trial (by DESCARTES in collaboration with EUDIAL and IWG)

- Identification of prognostic factors for patients with ANCA associated vasculitis (by IWG in collaboration with DESCARTES)

- Dietary intake and adherence to dietary recommendations in European dialysis patients: the diet-HD study (by ERN)

-Concerted Action in Renal Osteosdystrophy (CAiRO) (by CKD-MBD)

2019 - AWARDS (https://www.era-edta.org/en/awards-2019/ )

At the 56th ERA-EDTA Congress in Budapest (Hungary), during the Welcome Ceremony (June 13, 2019), the following ERA-EDTA Awards were given:

ERA-EDTA Award for Outstanding Basic Science Contributions to Nephrology - Olivier Devuyst

ERA-EDTA Award for Outstanding Clinical Contributions to Nephrology - Claudio Ronco

ERA-EDTA Stanley Shaldon Award for Young Investigators - Rebecca Herzog

The ERA-EDTA Scientific Advisory Board (SAB) was instrumental not only in helping the ERA-EDTA Council to select the 3 award winners, but also in creating a new ‘ERA-EDTA Awards format’. As of 2019 (for the awarding of prizes from 2020), all ERA-EDTA members have been invited to submit nominees for the following prizes:

-Award for Outstanding Clinical Contributions to Nephrology;

-Award for Outstanding Basic Science Contribution to Nephrology;

-Award for Research Excellence (Clinical and/or Basic Science) NEW CATEGORY! For nominees aged between 41 and 60

For the Stanley Shaldon Award for Young Investigators, young Full ERA-EDTA members (40 years old or younger) were invited to submit their candidacy. The application had to be supported by specific requirements: a certain number of publications, participation as a speaker in international congresses and being author of accepted abstracts at ERA-EDTA Congresses.

Visit the Award section (https://www.era-edta.org/en/awards-2020/ ) of the ERA-EDTA website to find out who the ERA-EDTA awards have been awarded for 2020.