Young Nephrologists’ Platform (YNP) (

YNP Board and Ordinary Members

In 2019, the Chair of YNP at the beginning of the year was Kate Stevens (UK). After the 54th ERA-EDTA Congress in Madrid, Martin de Borst (NL) became the new Chair. At the ERA-EDTA Budapest Congress, 2 board members ended their term: David Arroyo (Spain) and Emilie Cornec-Le Galle (France). Instead, the following 3 members joined the board: Rebecca Herzog (Austria, Stanley Shaldon Awardee (SSA)), Amaryllis Van Craenenbroeck (Belgium) and Beatriz Sanchez Alamo (Spain). On December 7, 2019, Thomas Schachtner (Germany) resigned as YNP Board member.

At the end of 2019, the YNP Board thus consisted of: Abduzhappar Gaipov (Kazakhstan), Albertien van Eerde (The Netherlands, SSA), Amaryllis Van Craenenbroeck (Belgium), Beatriz Sanchez Alamo (Spain), Rebecca Herzog (Austria, SSA), Kate Stevens (UK, Former Chair), Maria Haller (Austria) and Martin de Borst (The Netherlands, Chair), and Shrikant Ramesh Mulay (Germany, SSA).

Around the end of 2019, YNP had approximately 1400 members. On social media, YNP currently has 1820 Twitter followers and 2288 Facebook members.

YNP National Representatives

In 2019, YNP had 26 national representatives. The aim of this group is to improve communication between YNP and the various local young nephrological communities. The full list of YNP Representatives can be found on the YNP page of the ERA-EDTA website:

Free Membership Project

Abstract-based: in 2019, YNP allotted all the congress based free memberships (30 best abstracts submitted by YNP Members for the 2019 ERA-EDTA Congress in Budapest).

Publication-based: in 2019, YNP did not received applications for the publication based free memberships.

More information on the project and the names of the winners, can be found on the website:

Advisory Program (new name: Mentorship Programme)

There were no active pairs in 2019. Also the process of recruiting new mentors and mentees was done during the year. The programme name was then changed into Mentorship Programme and was approved by the Council on November 19, 2019.

2019 ERA-EDTA Congress

YNP also had 5 “YNP-branded” speakers in various sessions throughout the congress programme.

Another important YNP activity organised during the Congress was the YNP “Meet & Greet”. During this exciting interactive social event, approximately 100 young nephrologists participated and the activity contributed to the collaboration of young European nephrologists.

2019 YNP CME Course

CME courses were not organised in 2019. A YNP course was instead included in the SEID (Scientific and Educational Interaction Day).

The course supported by ERBP was organized in collaboration with Vascular Access Society and was held on October 26, 2019 during the SEID. The course involved a lecture of 15-20 minutes (brief introduction to fistula and graft imaging) and followed by a practical demonstration where participants were split into groups. 15 stations were set up (15 machines, 15 demonstrators and 30 patients); allowing about 8 people per station.

26 travel grants in total were given to YNP members to attend this course.

Collaboration with other societies

National Societies: YNP continues its initiative where National Societies can send a request to have a YNP member as a speaker at their national meeting.

ASN – ERA-EDTA and ASN had another exchange of young speakers between their respective congresses. YNP normally asks people to apply and then the Board votes two names that are sent to the ASN. In 2019, unfortunately, ASN had trouble fitting in their programme the selected YNP speakers, for this reason there was no YNP representative during the ASN Kidney Week 2019 in Washington. Whereas during the ERA-EDTA Congress 2019 in Budapest, the ASN representative was Dr. Rasheeda Hall and her talk was entitled: “Addressing potentially inappropriate medications in older adults with kidney disease”.

JSN – ERA-EDTA and JSN started preparing an exchange of young speakers between the respective annual congresses. The first exchange will take place in 2020.

VAS – YNP closely collaborated with VAS to offer lecture followed by a practical course on Vascular access: the practicalities of fistula imaging, which took place at the 2019 Scientific and Educational Interaction Day (SEID). See event programme here.

GlomCon – following the change of YNP Chair, this initiative is no longer exclusively part of YNP and became an ERA-EDTA activity.

Various other YNP activities

YNP suggests names of members for the following activities:


YNP finalized the 2019 financial balance under the approved budget. A few of the initiatives were not done thus did not have any costs.