Newsletter 3, 2015
As of February 2015 the number of members of our WG has reached the significant number of 289. The second WG Meeting was successfully held in Milan (December 5th, 2014). In Milan the Board members met to plan further activities.
Current and upcoming activities
Our WG has recently contributed to a special Issue of Seminars in Nephrology (Volume 34, Issue 6, Pages 577-668) completely dedicated to Metabolic Bone Disease. The Table of Contents includes:
Introduction: Mineral Bone Disorder Is a Key Player in Chronic Kidney Disease. Mario Cozzolino , Pieter Evenepoel, and Adrian Covic, page 577.
The Role of Klotho on Vascular Calcification and Endothelial Function in Chronic Kidney Disease. Marc G. Vervloet , Aaltje Y. Adema , Tobias E. Larsson,and Ziad A. Massy. Page 578.
New Insights Into the FGF23-Klotho Axis. Hannes Olauson , Marc G. Vervloet , Mario Cozzolino , Ziad A. Massy , Pablo Ure ñ a Torres, and Tobias E. Larsson. Page 586.
News on Biomarkers in CKD – MBD. Sandro Mazzaferro, Lida Tartaglione , Silverio Rotondi , Jordi Bover , David Goldsmith , and Marzia Pasquali. Page 598.
When, How, and Why a Bone Biopsy Should Be Performed in Patients With Chronic Kidney Disease. Pablo Ure ñ a Torres , Jordi Bover , Sandro Mazzaferro , Marie Christine de Vernejoul , and Martine Cohen-Solal. Page 612.
Adynamic Bone Disease: From Bone to Vessels in Chronic Kidney Disease. Jordi Bover , Pablo Ure ñ a , Vincent Brandenburg , David Goldsmith , C é sar Ruiz , Iara DaSilva,and Ricardo J. Bosch. Page 626.
Calcific Uremic Arteriolopathy: A Call for Action. Vincent M. Brandenburg , Mario Cozzolino , and Sandro Mazzaferro. Page 641.
Calcium-Sensing Receptor Activation in Chronic Kidney Disease: Effects Beyond Parathyroid Hormone Control Ziad A. Massy , Lucie H é naut , Tobias E. Larsson,and Marc G. Vervloet. Page 648.
The Uses and Abuses of Vitamin D Compounds in Chronic Kidney Disease – Mineral Bone Disease (CKD – MBD). D.J.A. Goldsmith , Z.A. Massy,and V. Brandenburg. Page 660.
In close collaboration with the ERBP group, a position paper on the use of Cinacalcet in CKD following the results of the Evolve study is  is currently in press in Nephrol Dial Transplant.
We participated to a controversy on the topic of the clinical utility of Vascular Calcifications. The relative paper “Pro: Cardiovascular calcifications are clinically relevant” is now available (Nephrol Dial Transplant (2015) 30: 345–351), together with a commentary on the “Con” position paper, as “Opponent’s commentNephrol Dial Transplant. 2015 Mar;30(3):357.
A review paper, partly narrative and partly systematic, on the role of Magnesium in renal patients is now complete and submitted for publication.  
Contacts are underway with the European Society of Pediatric Nephrology in order to develop common specific lines of clinical research in the field of CKD-MBD, spanning both pediatric and adult nephrology.
WG Activities:
The Second CKD-MBD WG Meeting was held in Milan (December 5th 2014) and the WG board now plans to repeat this initiative on a yearly basis always in Milan in a day between 4th and 8th of December; check, accordingly, your future calendars. The most important news in the format of this year meeting were:
  a Attendees were entitled to receive 5 European CME credits since the meeting was accredited by the European Accreditation Council for CME (EACCME).
Oral and Poster Presentation sessions gave the opportunity to young researchers to present and discuss their data;
A ”Meet The Expert” Session was organized, which allowed the attendees to meet in a few number and in a small room experts in the field of specific clinical topics.
The program of the workshop with one slide and some text from presentations are in the link here.
Calciphylaxis registry is evolving. The Internet site ( is now available in several languages for local uses. Fundraising activities are ongoing and 2015 is expected to be the starting year for data collection.
The WG is planning to develop a bone-biopsy network, joining nephrologists, endocrinologists and pathologists (Coordinator: Pieter Evenepoel). The project would facilitate a wider collection of bone samples in renal patients.
Next appointments
On May 28th 2015, during the next ERA-EDTA Congress in London, our WG will organize a CME course. The preliminary is accessible here.
The first CUA-Day meeting is scheduled on September 21st-22nd 2015, in Leuven (Belgium). Aim of the meeting is to share opinions and try to sum up practical guidelines for this rare but dramatic clinical condition.


The third CKD-MBD WG Meeting will be held in Milan, December 5th , 2015. Please consider that, similarly to this year, we will have CME credits, a call for Abstract (Oral or Poster presentations) and a “Meet the expert session”. So, mark your calendar!
CKD-MBD related publications in NDT and CKJ
Following the previous initiative, as a contribution of ERA-EDTA communication team, we are again reporting on the most recent papers published on the journals of our society and dealing with CKD-MBD. The content of this second group of papers is reported in a separate link.

Late breaking News:
from now on the Clinical Kidney Journal will be an open access, online only journal, with at least this year free of charge submission!!!
We are all encouraged to submit original papers.