Newsletter no. 5, April 2016

Educational news
The DESCARTES next CME accredited educational course will be held as a full day meeting at November 4th 2016 at the Intercity Hotel in Berlin, Germany. The title of the course is “Latest developments in transplantation medicine: selected topics you should know”, and has been organised by prof. dr. Klemens Budde. As has been the tradition during the latest DESCARTES CME courses it will be possible to submit abstracts for the meeting and the best three abstracts will be rewarded. As a new initiative, a ward round will be arranged on November 5th at the transplantation unit at the Charité University Hospital for a maximum of 24 interested delegates. For more information of the CME course, please visit http://descartes.aey-congresse.de/
Remember, as a DESCARTES member you will have priority for registering for the course. Further information regarding the financial aspects of this CME will come in due time.

On December 2nd the 2016 Edition of the Clinical Transplantation Day will be held in Parma, Italy. The event is supported by DESCARTES. Programme and further information will follow.
Scientific news
The first publication from the ongoing DESCARTES study on operational tolerance has now been published (Massart et al, NDT 2016). This first publication has involved many of the WG members and has proved the strength and possibilities for the DESCARTES WG as a platform for trans-border European scientific studies. This first part of the continuous study on operational tolerance focused on identifying patients. The next part called the TOMOGRAM study has already started and focuses on comprehensive pheno- and genotyping of the identified operational tolerant patients.

Here is the link to the paper:

Other major pan European multicentre studies initiated by the DESCARTES WG are the SENIOR Registry and the REDUCE trial. The focus of these studies is to optimize immunosuppression in the elderly kidney transplant patient and inclusion will start within the coming months.
News from the Descartes WG Board
4 years passed from the creation of Descartes WG and a rotation of Board members started as per ERA-EDTA regulations: Marian Klinger (Poland), Chris Dudley (UK) and March Hazzan (France) ended their term. New members of Descartes WG Board are Luuk Hilbrands (the Netherlands), Uwe Heemann (Germany) and Gabriel Oniscu (UK). The board wishes to thank the former board members for their excellent work in the board with special recognition of the work done by Marian Klinger in the process of paving the way for the founding of the WG. The board welcomes the new board members.
Interactions with DESCARTES WG ordinary members

In order to enhance the interactions between the board and the members, and to take better advantage of the network formed by our community, we have prepared a survey to better know and, hopefully answer to your expectations. The survey result will be available soon and the result will be communicated to the DESCARTES members.

Shouldn’t you have completed the survey yet, here is the link:

Review article/Position paper on the risks of living donation
The DESCARTES WG is preparing a full review article (position paper) concerning the risk of living donation. Dr. Umberto Maggiore will lead this initiative.

On behalf of the Descartes board,

Søren Schwartz Sørensen