n. 14, April 2019



Kind request to participate in the DESCARTES based operational tolerance projects



Dear DESCARTES ordinary member,


A few years ago, some of you contributed to a DESCARTES large survey on operational tolerance


Some of you also participated in a couple of experimental projects of which the results will hopefully be ready for publication this year.


We are currently looking for additional tolerant patients (see eligibility criteria) for the purpose of a new research project in collaboration with Prof. Daniel Abramowicz (Antwerp, Belgium) and Prof. Frans Claas (Leiden, The Netherlands - Antwerp, Belgium)


Should you follow this type of patient who is able to provide us with blood samples after having completed an informed consent procedure, please send an email to annick.massart6@gmail.com and cc mipp@ikem.cz. We would be happy to start a collaboration with you!


Looking forward to hearing from you,


Best regards


Annick Massart and Daniel Abramowicz

on behalf of DESCARTES Working Group


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