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Dear colleagues,


We would like to draw your attention to the open Call for candidacies to become an DIABESITY Working Group Board Member.


In 2019 the Board composition must be partially renewed and 3 new members will be elected.


Before applying, please read the Working Groups regulations carefully and consider that to be eligible for the Board a member must have been an ordinary member of the WG for at least 2 years (or from its creation) or have a proven track record of relevant scientific expertise that would justify his/her being part of the Board; ERA-EDTA Full members (exceptions to this last rule can only be made for non-nephrologists) in particular women and young members, are encouraged to actively participate in the election.


Each candidate must send his/her application and CV (the use of this special template is mandatory) together with two supporting letters from two DIABESITY members (Board or Ordinary members) to diabesity@era-edta.org, the DIABESITY secretariat will, indeed, collect the candidatures on behalf of the Working Group Vice Chair.


The deadline to apply is April 28, 2019. No candidatures sent after this date will be accepted; furthermore, candidatures not fulfilling all the above mentioned requirements, as per the Working Groups regulations, will not be taken into consideration.


Best regards,

Esteban Porrini, DIABESITY Chair

Ivo Laranjinha, DIABESITY Vice-Chair



The DIABESITY Board is happy to announce the publication of DIABESITY latest papers:


Pantelis Sarafidis Charles J Ferro Enrique Morales Alberto Ortiz Jolanta Malyszko Radovan Hojs Khaled Khazim Robert Ekart Jose Valdivielso Denis Fouque Gérard M London Ziad Massy Petro Ruggenenti Esteban Porrini Andrej Wiecek Carmine Zoccali Francesca Mallamaci Mads Hornum, SGLT-2 inhibitors and GLP-1 receptor agonists for nephroprotection and cardioprotection in patients with diabetes mellitus and chronic kidney disease. A consensus statement by the EURECA-m and the DIABESITY working groups of the ERA-EDTA, Nephrology Dialysis and Tranplantation 06 February 2019


Stožer A., Hojs R., Dolenšek J., Beta Cell Functional Adaptation and Dysfunction in Insulin Resistance and the Role of Chronic Kidney Disease, Nephron, January 2019

Liad Hinden and Joseph Tam, Do Endocannabinoids Regulate Glucose Reabsorption in the Kidney? Nephron, January 11, 2019


Escasany E. Izquierdo-Lahuerta A. Medina-Gomez G. Underlying Mechanisms of Renal Lipotoxicity in Obesity, Nephron, January 9, 2019


Correia-Costa L., Azevedo A., Caldas Afonso A. Childhood Obesity and Impact on the Kidney, Nephron, October 25, 2018


Pérez-Morales R.E., del Pino M.D Valdivielso J.M. Ortiz A.Mora-Fernández C. Navarro-González J.F, Inflammation in Diabetic Kidney Disease, Nephron, October 2018 


Click here for the full list of Diabesity publications.


DIABESITY Working Group also launched an international study called ENBiBA: this is an international project aimed at studying the pathogenesis of renal disease in obesity, prediabetes, metabolic syndrome and diabetes. ENBiBA involves 13 centres from 6 different countries. At the moment 250 cases have been recruited and preliminary results including renal histology of patients with diabetes without proteinuria as well as in patients with metabolic syndrome will be published in the first manuscript of ENBiBA describing the presence of features of diabetic nephropathy in patients with diabetes without proteinuria or prediabetes.


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