At the 55th ERA-EDTA Copenhagen Congress, during the Welcome Ceremony (May 24, 2018), the following ERA-EDTA Awards were given:

ERA-EDTA Award for Outstanding Basic Science Contributions to Nephrology

Hans-Joachim Anders

Hans-Joachim Anders

Professor Hans-Joachim Anders is the recipient of the 2018 ERA-EDTA Award for Outstanding Basic Science Contributions to Nephrology.

Prof. Anders finished his medical training in Würzburg and he underwent scientific and clinical training at Ludwig Maximilians University of Munich. He is currently Head of the Renal Division at the Inner City Campus , University of Munich. His qualifications are in the fields of internal medicine, nephrology and rheumatology.
Prof. Anders is a physician scientist whose research focuses on translational aspects of kidney disease . His major scientific achievements include innovative pathophysiological concepts related to innate immunity in kidney diseases – such as “necroinflammation” in AKI or the pathophysiology of lupus nephritis. Recently, he started to explore the molecular pathophysiology of crystal-related kidney diseases.  Prior to this, he had conducted essential preclinical studies on the role of chemokine receptors, Toll-like receptors, and inflammasomes in AKI and CKD as well as successful preclinical validation of compounds later confirmed by clinical trials of lupus nephritis and diabetic kidney disease.

Prof. Anders has authored more than 290 publications. He is currently associate editor of the Journal of the American Society of Nephrology and Nephrology Dialysis Transplantation and has served or serves as a member of the editorial boards of the Clinical Journal of the American Society of Nephrology, Kidney International, BMC Nephrology and Nature Reviews Nephrology.

Prof. Anders has been very active in ERA-EDTA. He served as a congress secretary in the annual meeting in 2010 and in various boards. He is a current board member of the Immunonephrology Working Group and he has been a long-term member of the Scientific Advisory Board (SAB) before he became its Secretary Coordinator in 2015.

Prof. Anders was recognised as a Distinguished Fellow of ERA-EDTA (FERA) in 2014.

ERA-EDTA Award for Outstanding Clinical Contributions to Nephrology

Jürgen Floege

Jürgen Floege

Professor Jürgen Floege is the recipient of the 2017 ERA-EDTA Award for Outstanding Clinical Contributions to Nephrology.

Professor Jürgen Floege received his clinical training at the Hannover Medical School, Germany. His particular interest in renal diseases developed during various research periods in physiology, pharmacology, nephrology and pathology at the Hannover Medical School, Germany, the Albert Einstein College of Medicine, New York and the University of Washington, Seattle, USA. He was appointed as head of the Division of Nephrology and Immunology at the University of Aachen, Germany in 1999. Professor Floege is a former vice dean in Aachen, executive council member of the ERA-EDTA and International Society of Nephrology (ISN) and current member of the executive board of KDIGO, a society developing world-wide nephrology guidelines.

He is immediate past-president of the German Society of Nephrology as well as honorary member of the Japanese, Polish, Portuguese, Serbian and Slovakian Societies of Nephrology. In 2017 he was elected into the council of the German Society of Internal Medicine, Europe’s largest professional medical society, and is President-elect of that society for 2019.

Prof. Floege’s major scientific accomplishments are the development of a novel scintigraphic method to diagnose dialysis amyloidosis, clarification of the role of various growth factors and cytokines in renal disease and identification of novel mechanisms of vascular and soft tissue calcification- in particular the roles of fetuin-A and vitamin K in CKD. He has also been the creator and leader of the investigator-initiated STOP-IgAN trial and has contributed to numerous other major trials in glomerular disease and CKD-MBD.

Prof. Floege has authored and co-authored more than 500 scientific articles, reviews and monographs. He has patented methods to diagnose and treat amyloidoses specifically and a method for the treatment of nephritis using anti-PDGF-D antibodies.

Together with Professors Richard Johnson, Marcello Tonelli and John Feehally he edits the best-selling textbook “Comprehensive Clinical Nephrology”, now in its 6th edition. Finally, Professor Floege is associate editor of Kidney International since Jan 2018 and currently is a member of the editorial board of Journal of the American Society of Nephrology, Nature Reviews Nephrology, Journal of Nephrology and others.

Prof. Floege has chaired, co-chaired and organised several congresses of ERA-EDTA, the American Society of Nephrology and World Congresses of Nephrology. He is an honorary member of the Japanese, Polish, Portuguese, Serbian, and Slovakian National Societies and a Fellow of the American National Kidney Foundation.

In 2011 Prof. Floege was recognised as a Distinguished Fellow of ERA-EDTA (FERA).

ERA-EDTA Award for Outstanding Contributions to ERA-EDTA

Andrzej Wiecek

Andrzej Wiecek

Professor Andrzej Wiecek is the recipient of the 2018 ERA-EDTA Award for Outstanding Contributions to ERA-EDTA.

Prof. Andrzej Wiecek has been an ERA-EDTA member for 30 years. In 1999, he was elected to the ERA-EDTA Council and he was re-elected for the second term in 2006. In 2011, he became Secretary-Treasurer of our Society. In 2014, he was elected the ERA-EDTA President. He was instrumental in promoting the very successful ongoing collaboration with ASN and ISN. He also strongly supported ERA-EDTA; collaboration with the National Societies as well as other societies (JSN, CSN, ESC, ESH, IAHN, etc.). He has been an active member of many ERA-EDTA bodies  including ERA-EDTA Scientific Advisory Board (Chair 2014-2017), the European Renal Best Practice Board, EURECAm Board, EUtox Board and ERA-EDTA Registry Committee.

He has been a member of the Editorial Board of Nephrology, Dialysis, Transplantation since 1999 and its Theme Editor since 2001. Prof. Wiecek has been very influential in the Society and he presented many innovative activities. During his presidency, he stabilised the Society’s financial situation, led the reorganisation of the office in Parma and increased the number of ERA-EDTA members. During the period between 2000-2002, he was responsible for CME courses as the new ERA-EDTA initiative. In 2011, he initiated the Young Nephrologist’ Platform. He helped to launch the ERA-EDTA Activation Committee. He came up with the idea of the ERA-EDTA Virtual Museum and he is its first Curator.

Prof. Wiecek represented ERA-EDTA as the speaker during the ERA-EDTA Highlight sessions of the ASN Kidney Weeks in 2014 and 2017. He was ERA-EDTA Congress Co-President in London (2015), Vienna (2016) and Madrid (2017).

Prof. Wiecek came up with the idea of ERA-EDTA logo’s new strapline “Leading European Nephrology”.

In 2011, Prof. Wiecek was recognised as a Distinguished Fellow of ERA-EDTA (FERA).

Shrikant Ramesh Mulay

Shrikant Ramesh Mulay

Dr Shrikant Ramesh Mulay is the recipient of the 2018 ERA-EDTA Stanley Shaldon Award for Young Investigators.

Dr Mulay finished his education in Pharmacology & Toxicology at the National Institute of Pharmaceutical Education and Research (NIPER) Mohali in India in 2009. He conducted his doctoral research on the role of murine double minute (MDM)-2 in kidney injury and repair at Ludwig Maximilians University of Munich (LMU) in 2013. He became post-doctoral research fellow and principal investigator at the local Division of Nephrology. Since 2017, he has been Priv. Doz. (Assistant Professor) at LMU Faculty of Medicine, Medical Clinic and Policlinic IV.

He leads the research group aiming to understand complex renal pathologies. He is focused on exploring the role of innate immunity and inflammation in acute and chronic kidney diseases in order to find novel therapeutic strategies. He has presented his findings during ERA-EDTA and ASN Congresses several times.

He has published 45 research articles, of which 23 are as the first or last author. His articles have been published in prestigious journals such as ‘The New England Journal of Medicine’, ‘Nature Communications’, ‘Nature Reviews Nephrology’,  ‘Journal of Clinical Investigation’, ‘Kidney International’, ‘Journal of the American Society of Nephrology’ and ‘Nephrology, Dialysis, Transplantation’. He raised research funds of around € 0.55 Million from the German Research Council (DFG) and Industry collaborations.

As the winner of the Stanley Shaldon Award, Dr Shrikant Ramesh Mulay will also become an ex-officio member of the Young Nephrologists’ Platform Board.