ERA’s Vision

A Europe where

  • kidney health is prioritised
  • kidney care is accessible
  • the kidney community is thriving

ERA’s Mission

Leading European Nephrology by

  1. Promoting kidney health for all
  2. Improving kidney care for patients
  3. Strengthening the kidney community

Goal I – Promoting kidney health for all

  • Address the major causes of kidney disease in Europe through influencing public policy, promoting public awareness and collaborating with other societies
  • Develop a global outlook to kidney health beyond our borders that addresses major challenges such as climate change, displaced populations and pandemics
  • Facilitate equity of access to kidney health in neglected regions and populations

Goal II – Improving kidney care for patients

  • Promote equity of access to kidney diagnosis and treatment across Europe
  • Respect and enhance patient voice and choice in all communities
  • Stimulate innovative research that protects kidney health, improves kidney care and enhances patient outcomes

Goal III – Strengthening the kidney community

  • Foster a stronger sense of identity and community among our members
  • Develop and disseminate effective educational programs to harmonize professional development and standardize good practice across Europe
  • Reimagine the role of the modern kidney specialist to inspire the next generation
  • Address the pressing issues of nephrology workforce recruitment and retention

ERA’s Values

  • Diversity in leadership and equality of opportunity in all our activities
  • Openness, respect and transparency in decision making
  • Bold vision, clear communication, strategic implementation, global reach
  • Recognize and reward scientific and clinical excellence
  • Attract the best of the next generation and prioritize their career development