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Press Releases 2019

December 19, 2019/ Number of people in need of renal replacement therapy is rising

November 18, 2019/High-protein diets may harm your kidneys

November 12, 2019/World Diabetes Day: Chronic Kidney Disease due to diabetes is a serious public health threat!

August 30, 2019/An observation period of 6-8 hrs after native kidney biopsy seems to be safe!

July 9, 2019/Kidney Patients are Neglected in Clinical Trials



Chronic Kidney Disease (CKD)
A Challenge for European Healthcare Systems

Krónikus vesebetegség (Chronic Kidney Disease; röviden: CKD)
Kihívás az európai egészségügyi rendszerek számára

The Kidneys: Versatile Organs with Multiple Functions

Sokoldalú szerv számos funkcióval: a vese


Still an unmet need: New therapeutic targets in Alport syndrome

PCSK9 inhibitors: Specific studies are mandatory to prove efficacy and safety in CKD

Clinical trials and research priorities in dialysis Patients: Time for a new approach?


May 6, 2019/Professor Raymond Vanholder and Professor Mehmet Sever received the 2019 ISN Bywaters Award

April 26, 2019/Novel therapies slow CKD progression in patients with diabetes

April 18, 2019/Kidney transplant patients need even better aftercare!

April 10, 2019/The forgotten side of CKD: kidney disease triggers cognitive impairment,even in early stages

March 5, 2019/World Kidney Day

March 5, 2019/World Kidney Day: ‘Is this just the tip of the iceberg?’

February 26, 2019/Is Kidney Failure a Man’s Disease?

February 18, 2019/Familial primary distal renal tubular acidosis: Results of a multinational collaboration study

January 31, 2019/ Chronic Kidney Disease: everyone’s concern

January 22, 2019/Fewer medical tests – timely listing for transplantation

Press Releases 2018

December 21, 2018/Kidney patients are the most complex patients

December 17, 2018/EKHA program on transplantation will be hosted on EU Commission’s Health Policy Platform

November 14, 2018/Air Pollution can cause kidney disease

October 29, 2018/Anti-GBM disease: A model for autoimmune kidney diseases

September 12, 2018/Caffeine consumption might extend life expectancy in CKD patients

August 28, 2018/More sports, fewer symptoms: How CKD patients benefit from physical exercise

August 6, 2018/Pre-dialysis blood pressure measurements misclassify hypertension in about 1/3 of hemodialysis patients

July 10, 2018/Traditional Indian medicines can cause membranous nephropathy (MN)

June 29, 2018/ERA-EDTA and the Japanese Society of Nephrology build on firm foundations to improve treatment for kidney patients

June 27, 2018/The hidden epidemic: Worldwide, over 850 million people suffer from kidney diseases

Copenhagen, May 25, 2018/Danish study shows prognosis for glomerulonephritis patients significantly improved over the last 30 years

Copenhagen, May 25, 2018/Klotho and endocrine FGFs: More than markers of CKD progression and cardiovascular complications

Copenhagen, May 25, 2018/Addressing cardiovascular risk factors can help to improve access to, and outcomes of, kidney transplantation

Copenhagen, May 25, 2018/Shedding a new light: The implication of microRNAs in chronic kidney disease

Copenhagen, May 24, 2018/A pre-emptive kidney transplant is still the best option for patients with kidney failure

Copenhagen, May 24, 2018/Danish Cohort Study shows pre-eclampsia associated with chronic kidney disease later in life

Copenhagen, May 22, 2018/Type 2 diabetes doubles the cardiovascular risk of patients with chronic kidney disease

Copenhagen, May 18, 2018/Chronic Kidney Disease (CKD): Is there a cure on the horizon?

Parma, April 30, 2018/Trapped in a dilemma: Does asymptomatic bacteriuria in kidney transplant recipients need to be treated?

April 9, 2018/Very low-protein diet can delay the need for dialysis in patients with chronic kidney disease (CKD)
The European Renal Nutrition working group of the European Renal Association – European Dialysis and Transplant Association (ERA-EDTA) has published a commentary on the advantages of a very low-protein diet (0.3 – 0.4 grams per kilogram bodyweight) in CKD patients. According to the paper, such a diet has many benefits, including lowering blood pressure, serum phosphate and albuminuria. However, the most crucial point is that the diet can postpone the need for dialysis for about one year! The authors therefore recommend a very low-protein diet supplemented with ketoanalogs for selected CKD patients, starting from moderate CKD.

March 20, 2018/Cardio-renal crosstalk: Chronic kidney disease per se can cause cardiac impairment
Heart failure is a common comorbidity in chronic kidney disease (CKD) and is associated with high mortality in CKD patients. It has been believed that the development of heart failure in these patients was the “by-product” of common CKD comorbidities, such as diabetes or ischemic heart disease. Now, for the first time, a study in the current issue of NDT indicates that CKD itself might cause cardiac impairment.

Parma, March 2, 2018/World Kidney Day reaches beyond Nephrology!

February 12, 2018/How to prevent premature ageing in early chronic kidney disease?
Chronic kidney disease (CKD) has been associated with premature vascular ageing and death. A study in the current issue of NDT showed that albumin in urine causes Klotho deficiency, thus explaining premature ageing in early CKD stages, even in patients with normal kidney function. What can be learnt?

January 31, 2018/High volume online haemodiafiltration prevents protein-energy wasting
A study in the current issue of NDT shows: High volume online haemodiafiltration (OL-HDF) has a beneficial effect on body composition and nutritional status.

January 26, 2018/Descartes Advisory Board declares: New allocation rules have to be developed!

Press Releases 2017

December 22, 2017/European ADPKD Forum Position Statement puts the patients at the center!
A study in the current issue of NDT the European ADPKD Forum had published a position statement that offers a holistic approach to autosomal dominant polycystic kidney disease (ADPKD).

December 20, 2017/How to achieve awareness for blood pressure control in CKD patients?
A study in the current issue of ckj shows that a multi-level intervention on blood pressure control in CKD patients is acceptable to patients and primary care healthcare teams – so why not implement it?

November 30, 2017/Do we have the right tools, but the wrong language?
A study in the current issue of ckj shows that information material on transplantation, even on the most popular websites, is too complicated and cannot be understood by the target group: the patients.

October 30, 2017/Kidney Transplantation versus Dialysis
A study in the current issue of ckj shows: 5-year mortality risk of transplanted patients is about 47% lower than that of patients on the waiting list!

October 24, 2017/Peritoneal dialysis linked to lower risk of stroke?
Findings of the Scottish Renal Registry and the Scottish Stroke Care

September 28, 2017/High Prevalence of Cardiovascular Pathology in Children on Dialysis
Final Report of the 4C study shows alarming results

August 22, 2017/A Plea for Prevention
“Improvement in Primary Prevention of CKD would lead to a massive reduction of healthcare cost”

August 7, 2017/Kidney transplantation saves a lot
… from patients’ quality of live to health care expenses

July 20, 2017/Bone biopsy is not at all outdated!
EU-ROD Position paper highlights bone biopsy as a useful tool in the diagnostic workup of CKD-MBD

July 18, 2017/Mediterranean Diet for CKD patients?
Generally, yes, but there might be some pitfalls

July 10, 2017/ERA-EDTA and the Japanese Society of Nephrology join
forces to combat common disorder in kidney patients

July 7, 2017/EURODOPPS Publication shows:
Reaching guideline targets is not a matter of healthcare expenditure and nephrologist workforce!

June 30, 2017/2017 KDIGO CKD-MBD Guideline Update
It´s important to keep all laboratory parameters in view!

June 2, 2017/Opening of the 54th Congress of the ERA-EDTA in Madrid

June 1, 2017/ Chronic Kidney Disease (CKD)
A Challenge for European Healthcare Systems

April 4, 2017/Hypertension in Dialysis Patients
Joint Consensus Document by EURECA-m and ESH

March 23, 2017/Survival of Children receiving dialysis varies widely across Europe
Survival rates are related to public health expenditure and number of paediatric nephrologists

March 1, 2017/Obesity leads to chronic kidney disease 
World Kidney Day highlights obesity as a CKD risk factor

February 17, 2017/How “safe” is it to donate a kidney?
A position paper by the ERA-EDTA DESCARTES working group

February 1, 2017/DESCARTES and ERBP publication was top-read paper in the “Transplant Library” 2016!

Press Releases 2016

December 5, 2016/Phosphate – a “driver” of mortality in kidney patients

November 2, 2016/New Guideline on Management of Older Patients with Chronic Kidney Disease

September 22 2016/“RUN for KIDNEYS” raised more than 4,500 EUR for Médecins Sans Frontières

July 15 2016/New proteome-based marker classifies CKD progression at early stage!

June 16 2016/Dutch health insurance companies contribute to the Portable Artificial Kidney

June 01 2016/ASN, ERA-EDTA and ISN Declaration of Collaboration

May 24 2016/High sodium intake increases cardiovascular disease events in patients with chronic kidney disease

May 22, 2016/Late Breaking Clinical Trials

May 22, 2016/Baby Dialysis Machine Revisited: CAREPEDIEM decreases mortality rate by 50 percent!

22 May, 2016/Specific renal nutrition guidelines are needed to prevent sarcopenia and frailty in dialysis patients

22 May, 2016/Lifetime risk of kidney failure is 0.5% to 1.5% in Europe

21 May 2016/CKD patients do benefit from an intensive blood pressure control!

19 May 2016/Have your kidney function checked before starting a protein shake diet!

19 May 2016/Nephrology in Austria is a model to be emulated Europe-wide

9 February 2016/ERA-EDTA recommendation on the use of tolvaptan in polycystic kidney disease

January 7, 2016/Mid-Atlantic Renal Coalition Finds Peer Mentoring Reduces Missed Treatments

4 January 2016/Prevalence of Chronic Kidney Disease varies a lot across Europe!

Press Releases 2015

16 October 2015/Push the Altmetric Score of your NDT or CKJ paper!

29 September 2015/’Onconephrology’ as a new category in the Clinical Kidney Journal (CKJ)

28 August 2015/High concentrations of phosphate are associated with retinopathy and death

29 July 2015/Special NDT Issue on Incident and Early CKD in Patients with Diabetes

24 June 2015 /Strategies on How to Ensure Affordable, High-Quality Renal Replacement Therapy (RRT) in the Future

23 June 2015 /New entity described in CKJ: Heroin Crystal Nephropathy

18 June 2015/More than just ‘kidney lab values’: renal parameters are strong indicators of cardiovascular health

16 June 2015/EURODOPPS Winners Have Been Announced

29 May 2015/LATE-BREAKING CLINICAL TRIALS: Results at a glance

28 May 2015/Ambulatory Blood Pressure Monitoring (ABPM) in Dialysis Patients?

28 May 2015/Alarmingly High Incidence of Renal Replacement Therapy in Belgium, Greece and Portugal

28 May 2015/First Guideline on Management of Patients with Diabetes and Chronic Kidney Disease (CKD)

27 May 2015/Survival Rate of Dialysis Patients Has Improved

26 May 2015/Chronic Kidney Disease – a Challenge for European Healthcare Systems

22 April 2015/Landmark paper on IgA nephropathy – new findings may lead to novel therapeutic approaches

13 April 2015/Peritoneal Ultrafiltration Effective in End-Stage Chronic Heart Disease

23 March 2015/NDT Highlights in March: Prescription of inappropriate medications to elderly hemodialysis patients/ Results of the German CKD study

25 February 2015/Starting up Kidney Registries in Africa – Workshop in Cape Town

18 February 2015/The Worrying Rise of Chronic Kidney Disease due to “Diabesity”/ To the Dossier of the “Diabesity” Working Group

4 February 2015/Neighborhood as a Risk Factor for CKD

2 February 2015/Circulating Sclerostin: A New Parameter of Cardiovascular Risk in CKD-Patients

22 January 2015/What can be learnt from the WHO Report? Take action against kidney disease!

14 January 2015/Should a more frequent dialysis schedule be applied?

Press Releases 2014

19 November 2014/CKJ has started a review series on CKD hotspots around the world: where, why and what lessons can be learned

22 October 2014/ NDT Study shows: Urinary Proteome Analysis Refines Diagnosis of Renal Dysfunction

25 September 2014/NDT Study shows: 34% of English Dialysis Patients are Referred late, 67% of them have to be treated as an Emergency!

4 August 2014/NDT Study shows: Infant Mortality Rate for Babies of on-Dialysis Mothers is high

3 June 2014/ A 30% GFR decline may be sufficiently large to signal chronic kidney disease progression

30 May 2014/EURODOPPS, a joint venture of ERA-EDTA and Arbor Research, is born!

23 May 2014/ERA-EDTA announces a successful collaboration with The Lancet

20 March 2014/ERA-EDTA Congress: An annual Highlight for the „Nephrology Community“

7 March 2014/World Kidney Day 2014 highlights chronic kidney disease and ageing

4 March 2014/Guidelines on Hyponatraemia have been published

28 February 2014/Beta-blockade: A fundamental intervention in hypertensive haemodialysis patient

10 January 2014/ERA-EDTA announces a collaboration with the European Society of Pediatric Nephrology (ESPN)

7 January 2014/ ERA-EDTA mourns the death of Prof. Stanley Shaldon