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with this first newsletter of the European Renal Nutrition (ERN) working group at the ERA EDTA we are excited to establish a regular communication with the ordinary members of the scientific community interested in nutrition in renal diseases.


In the ERN newsletters you will receive news on ERN Board, updates on upcoming CME Courses on nutrition and recently published ERN papers accompanied by commentaries.


For any information, question, comments, proposal you can contact the European Renal Nutrition (ERN) Secretariat at


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Denis Fouque (France), Chair
Juan Jesus Carrero (Sweden), Vice-Chair

Vincenzo Bellizzi (Italy), Newsletter Editor


The ERN working group is proud to announce the imminent launching of a new, large research project hopefully involving all the ERA-EDTA members in the area of interest of the Association. The name of the research is IDON-study and its final aim is to achieve an authoritative consensus on the main issues related to the nutritional treatment in non-dialysis CKD patients by mean of the robust DELPHI methodology. Soon after the upcoming 55th ERA-EDTA Congress (May 24-27, 2018), a survey to set the priorities for improving the nutritional treatment in CKD will be launched by mail/web. We trust all ERN ordinary members and the nephrological community will participate and disseminate the initiative among colleagues and co-workers.


The ERN Board is happy to announce the publication of ERN latest papers:

Very low-protein diet to postpone renal failure: Pathophysiology and clinical applications in chronic kidney disease on Chronic Diseases and Translational Medicine Journal. This is a commentary on the advantages of a very low-protein diet (0.3 – 0.4 grams per kilogram bodyweight) in CKD patients.

The paper is freely accessible here. Click here to read the press release.


The effect of high-volume online haemodiafiltration on nutritional status and body composition: the ProtEin Stores prEservaTion (PESET) study. This is the rationale of a study carried out by the Universitat de València (Spain) which reports that online-HDF can improve nutritional status and counteract protein-energy wasting in hemodialysis patients. The paper is freely accessible here.


Mediterranean diet may be the diet of choice for patients undergoing dialysis.
The ERN working group is convinced that besides ensuring dietary quantity, dietary quality must be promoted. In a recently published statement review the group analysed the potential beneficial effects of a mediterranean-like diet in patients undergoing dialysis.
The paper is freely accessible here. Click here to read the press release.
Both observational and Interventional studies indicate a cardioprotective role for this dietary pattern. The “Prevencion con Dieta Mediterranea” (PREDIMED) study [1], for example, a multicenter randomized primary prevention trial that included nearly 7,500 subjects at high cardiovascular (CV) risk, showed that MD could reduce the CV risk about 30%.

The ERN has initiated a cooperation with Fresenius Medical Care to undertake a number of clinical epidemiological studies in the Euclid databases regarding nutritional aspects in the management of dialysis patients. The goal is to analyze real-world data to identify nutritional management gaps that can help us improve patient prognosis. A number of projects have been initiated.


ERN would like to draw your attention to the following educational meetings to be held in 2018:

ERN CME session entitled “Presentation of the 2018 KDOQI Cli nical Practice Guideline for Nutrition in CKD” to be held at the 55th ERA-EDTA Congress, in Copenhagen (Denmark).
Click here to access the programme planner and look for CME16 scheduled on May 24, 2018 at 12:45 - 16:00.
Meet the ERA-EDTADenis Fouque (Chair) and Juan Jesus Carrero (Vice Chair) will be happy to meet ERN ordinary members and colleagues on May 25, 2018 at 16.00 at ERA-EDTA Booth (n. 2.291) of the Congress Exhibition area of Bella Centre Copenhagen.

ERN session to be held at the Annual Meeting of the XIX International Congress on Nutrition and Metabolism in Renal Disease, in Genoa (Italy) on June 28, 2018. Click here for more information.



Cross talks between diabetes, obesity and nutrition in renal disease an educational CME in joint venture with Diabesity Working Group, to be held in Paris (France) on November 8-9, 2018.

Do not miss the opportunity to submit an abstract (click here). Click here to learn about travel grant opportunities.


The ERN Board is happy to inform that the ERN webpage has been recently updated and new features, educational materials (CME presentations given at ERN CME courses) and updates on ongoing activities are now available.


ERN network now boasts 261 ordinary members from over 50 countries.

We would also like to invite you to kindly encourage your colleagues interested in research and education in the field of nutrition in renal diseases to become an ERN Ordinary Member. ERN Membership is free of charge!

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