n. 5, December 2018


Dear Friends,

in this newsletter the Board of the European Dialysis working group (EUDIAL) wishes you Merry Christmas and a happy and prosperous New Year.


2018 has been an exciting year for EUDIAL. During this year: 


  1. We had the pleasure to welcome on Board Daniel Schneditz (Austria) and Adrian Covic (Romania). New vacancies are expected in 2019 – opportunity for new members to come on Board.
  2. We established a regular contact with EUDIAL ordinary members via our Newsletter.
  3. We published the paper: Lomonte C, Basile C, Mitra S, et al. Should a fistula first policy be revisited in elderly haemodialysis patients?
  4. We organised the following CME educational meetings:

We expect 2019 to be an even more exciting year – keep in touch!
With kind regards,

Dimitrios Kirmizis (Greece), newsletter Editor
Carlo Basile (Italy), Chair
Sandip Mitra (United Kingdom), Vice-Chair

Call for Candidates


In 2019 the Board composition must be partially renewed and 2 new members will be elected.

Before applying, please read the Working Groups regulations carefully and consider that to be eligible for the Board a member must have been an ordinary member of the WG for at least 2 years (or from its creation) or have a proven track record of relevant scientific expertise that would justify his/her being part of the Board; ERA-EDTA Full members (exceptions to this last rule can only be made for non-nephrologists) in particular women and young members, are encouraged to actively participate in the election.


Each candidate must send his/her application and CV (the use of this special template is mandatory) together with two supporting letters from two EUDIAL members (Board or Ordinary members) to eudial@era-edta.org, the EUDIAL secretariat will, indeed, collect the candidatures on behalf of the Working Group Vice Chair.


The deadline to apply is March 1, 2019. No candidatures sent after this date will be accepted; furthermore, candidatures not fulfilling all the above mentioned requirements, as per the Working Groups regulations, will not be taken into consideration.

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Interested in Incremental Haemodialysis?

SPEEDY is the tool for you! It is a user-friendly tool for incremental haemodialysis prescription created by Prof. F. Casino and Prof. C. Basile (EUDIAL Chair), it is freely available here.

Read here the related article on NDT.

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Keen in getting involved in Incremental Haemodialysis?

Why not taking the survey created by Prof. C. Basile (EUDIAL Chair) - it is available here


The majority of patients on dialysis are currently treated with a fixed dose thrice-weekly haemodialysis regimen irrespective of whether or not they are starting dialysis therapy (incident) or have been receiving dialysis for some time (prevalent) and without consideration for their residual kidney function (RKF). The thrice-weekly regimen has been assumed almost as a dogma in the dialysis community. Incredibly, this schedule has been widely accepted worldwide without ever undergoing any randomised controlled trial to examine whether less frequent haemodialysis treatments would be inadequate or harmful.

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