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Don’t miss the upcoming CEPD Course ‘Haemodialysis and vascular access' to be held on June 13, 2019 during 56th ERA-EDTA Congress in Budapest (Hungary). Check out the programme:


Vascular access

1. Prevention and treatment of central venous catheter infections

Laura Labriola, Brussels, Belgium

2. New developments in vascular access: what can we expect for the future? 

Joris Rotmans, Leiden, Netherlands

3. Guidelines on vascular access creation and management

Evi Nagler, Ghent, Belgium



1. Dialysis care: personalized or universal?           Andrew Davenport, London, UK

2. HDF in children: what can we learn from paediatric studies

Rukshana Shroff, London, UK

3. How to increase home and self-care haemodialysis?

Sandip Mitra, Manchester, UK 

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Should a fistula first policy be revisited in elderly haemodialysis patients?

This article of the EUDIAL Working Group of ERA-EDTA critically reviews the current evidence on VA in elderly haemodialysis patients and concludes that a pragmatic patient centred approach is mandatory, thus considering the possibility that the AVF first approach should not be an absolute.

Incremental haemodialysis and residual kidney function: more and more observations but no trials

Despite increasing evidence derived from observational studies to support the use of incremental HD, RCTs are lacking and are urgently needed. If the potential benefits of incremental HD will be confirmed by RCTs, then starting dialysis at a full dose will be subjecting patients to unnecessarily long or more frequent treatments for an unnecessarily long time, and at higher cost.


Pros and cons of antithrombotic therapy in end-stage kidney disease: a 2019 update

Herein the EUDIAL Working Group presents up-to-date evidence about the topic and encourages practitioners to choose among alternatives in order to limit bleeding and minimize atherothrombotic and cardioembolic risks.


In 2019 the Board composition of Eudial Working Group was partially renewed.

Further to the recently announced ERA-EDTA SCIENTIFIC WORKING GROUPS regulations (Item IV and Item VII.7) the second Board term of Dr Dimitri Kirmizis (UK) was re-newed for a second term (until 2020).

A new Eudial Board member was also elected: Prof. Mehmet Kanbay (Turkey).

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