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Year 6 Issue 1 April 2015
In this issue:
LUST trial progress, March 2015
EURECA-m Board Meeting and future CMEs
EURECA-m Board Members
Gérard Michel London (EURECA-m Chairman)
Alberto Ortiz Arduan (EURECA-m Secretary)
Gunnar Heine, Germany
Mehmet Kanbay, Turkey (Co-Editor in Chief of EURECA-m Newsletter)
Francesca Mallamaci, Italy
Ziad A. Massy, France
Patrick Rossignol, France (Co-Editor in Chief of EURECA-m Newsletter)
Raymond Vanholder, Belgium
Andrzej Wiecek, Poland (liaison with National Societies of Nephrology)
EURECA-m Advisor and LUST Study Coordinator
Carmine Zoccali, Italy

EURECA-m Registry Clinical Coordinator
Francesca Mallamaci, Italy

EURECA-m External Consultant for Nutritional Aspects in Cardiovascular Diseases in CKD
Denise Fouque, France
Epidemiology and Biostatistics Consultants
Kitty J Jager, The Netherlands
Friedo W Dekker, The Netherlands
Giovanni Tripepi, Italy
Cecile Couchoud, France
Updates in cardiorenal cross-talks
May 28, 2015
London, UK
Clinical impact of novel players in CKD progression and CKD complications
September 4-5, 2015
Madrid, Spain

Dear EURECA-m members, dear colleagues,

We are very pleased to share with you the latest and exciting news from our working group!
In the current issue of our newsletter you will especially find an update on the EURECA-m Registry by Prof. Mallamaci (with an invitation to collaborate), on the LUST trial by Prof. Zoccali and an invitation to attend the two next EURECA-m CMEs: the one during the coming soon ERA-EDTA Congress of London (May 28th, 2015), the other one in Madrid (September 4th-5th, 2015). We are looking forward to meeting you there and we invite you to also kindly inform your colleagues interested in the relationship between the kidney and the cardiovascular system about the opportunity to become an EURECA-m Member. For any info concerning the EURECA-m membership: , for directly registering as a Member: .

Stay tuned!

Sincerely yours,

Mehmet Kanbay
Prof. Mehmet Kanbay
EURECA-m Newsletter co-Editor in Chief
Patrick Rossignol
Prof. Patrick Rossignol
EURECA-m Newsletter co-Editor in Chief
 The EURECA-m Registry, still small but with great potential

The ESRD Cardiovascular Research Registry was the first initiative of the EURECA-m working group. As we reported in previous newsletters, this Registry aims at a systematic collection of 24h ABPM recordings, Echocardiography and Pulse Wave Velocity (PWV) measurements, demographic and clinical data and incident clinical outcomes. In addition to that, the Registry also aims at establishing peripheral (centre-based) Bio-banks at least in some of the centres involved in the Registry. When the EURECA-m Registry was established, in 2011, several centres showed an interest for this Registry. Unfortunately, most of them failed to obtain the agreement by their ethical committee and could not actually contribute to the Registry.
The first patient was enrolled on the 2nd of January 2011. Five centres contributed to the Registry:

  1. Reggio Calabria, Italy (98 pts.)
  2. Parma, Italy (72 pts.)
  3. Ioannina, Greece (67 pts.)
  4. Homburg/Saar, Germany (40 pts.)
  5. Iasi, Romania (7 pts.),

Even though the success of the Registry is still limited, the total number of patients is already 284, which is a reasonably high number for a Registry that collects and fully validates 24ABPM, pulse wave velocity and echocardiography data.
The Registry has great potential and, for this reason, I have recently contacted participating centres to continue entering new patients and to complete and recheck the quality and completeness of clinical data already entered into the database.
Even though the number of patients enrolled so far is still not at target (we aim to enrol at least 1000 patients), data gathered so far, particularly 24h ABPM data, are already adequate to perform the first exploratory analyses. The quality of these data is high because all 24hABPM recordings have been validated by the core 24hABPM laboratory in Milan (leaded by Prof. Gianfranco Parati). Echocardiographic parameters collection is underway and we are confident that the first dataset for statistical analysis may be ready in 2 or 3 months. You will soon receive more information on this issue.
Also on behalf of the EURECA-m Chair and Board, I renew the invitation to European centres  with an interest in Cardiovascular and Renal Medicine to join this  Registry.
For joining the EURECA-m Registry or for getting more info about it, please contact:
Prof. Francesca Mallamaci, EURECA-m Registry Clinical Coordinator (, by also copying Dr. Claudia Torino, the EURECA-m Registry Manager (

Prof. Francesca Mallamaci
EURECA-m Board Member and EURECA-m Registry Clinical Coordinator
LUST trial progress, March 2015

The Lung Water by Ultra-Sound (US) guided Treatment to prevent death and cardiovascular complications in high risk ESRD patients with cardiomyopathy (LUST) started in March 2013 and, as of today, 20 European Centres are part of the trial. The trial is successfully ongoing and the web-based platform allows smooth data collection and day-by-day central verification of the completeness and quality of data collection by participating centres.
The table below shows the ranking of participating centres according to the dimension of enrolment (updated to 31/03/2015):

  1. Wroclaw, Poland (33 pts.)
  2. Reggio Calabria, Italy (28 pts.)
  3. Maribor, Slovenia (27 pts.)
  4. Homburg/Saar, Germany (26 pts.)
  5. Iasi, Romania (23 pts.)
  6. Barcelona, Spain (21 pts.)
  7. Kallithea, Athens, Greece (20 pts.)
  8. Ioannina, Greece (18 pts.)
  9. Jerusalem, Israel (14 pts.)
  10. Parma, Italy (12 pts.)
  11. Saint-Augustin, France (10 pts.)
  12. Hannover, Germany (6 pts.)
  13. Nancy, France (6 pts.)
  14. Paris, France (6 pts.)
  15. Viareggio, Lucca, Italy (5 pts.)
  16. Fléury-Merogis, France (3 pts.)
  17. Katowice, Poland (3 pts.)
  18. Imola, Italy (3 pts.)
  19. Strasbourg, France (3 pts.)
  20. Madrid, Spain (1 pts.)

The total number of patients enrolled is now 268 (Fig. 1a). Two centres recently withdrew from the study because of organizational problems at local level. The enrolment rate is 12.5 patients/month. With such a rate, the target number of patients (n=500) will be attained only in September 2016 (Fig. 1b). We believe that an extra-effort is needed to accelerate recruitment and remain confident that the target of 500 patients can be reached by 2015. Almost a half of patients included in the study belong to just four centres. We hope that the other centres will soon increase the enrolment rate to reach this achievable goal.

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Prof. Carmine Zoccali
EURECA-m Advisor and LUST Study Coordinator
EURECA-m Board Meeting and future CMEs
Election of new Board Members
We are pleased to let you know that during the scheduled EURECA-m Board Meeting at the ERA-EDTA annual congress of London, two new EURECA-m Board Members will be elected (the Call to apply expired last January 15th, 2015).
With this regard, we seize this opportunity to thank Prof. Andrzej Wiecek who will leave the Board after such a Meeting and 6 years of fruitful collaboration: a special Board membership Certificate will be given to him at the Board Meeting conclusion.
EURECA-m CME Course in London, May 28th 2015
It is our pleasure to also announce you the very upcoming EURECA-m CME Course* to be held during the ERA-EDTA annual congress of London (May 28th, 2015 from 9:00 until 12:15): to download the program, please click here. We expect you to be numerous!
This will be an exciting program with in-depth reviews on “Updates in cardiorenal cross-talks” consisting of a session with three talks by world-known experts on “Hypertension, leukocytes and vascular disease” and a session with three talks by superb speakers on “CKD-MBD, adipokines and vascular disease”.
*CME Courses on May 28th, 2015 are reserved to regularly registered congress members and are included in the registration fee. In order to participate in the CME Courses, all regularly registered congress members must go to the session halls and have their badge scanned by the hostesses at the entrance (at participant’s own responsibility). Please note that the seat capacity of the conference rooms is limited, therefore participation in these courses will be on a “first come first served” basis. For all info concerning the registrations, please click here.
EURECA-m CME Course in Madrid, September 4th-5th 2015
We also wish to announce the EURECA-m annual extra-congress CME Course that this year will be held in Madrid, Spain the 4th-5th of September 2015.
An exciting program has been assembled under the title “Clinical impact of novel players in CKD progression and CKD complications” and an international panel of expert speakers will present up-to-date information in a highly didactic and critical format on a) Obesity and wasting in CKD: lessons from malignancy and microbes; b) Novel contributors to CKD progression; c) CKD-MBD: new players and novel roles for older stars; d) RAAS blockade and beyond. In addition, in the “meet the expert session” you will have the opportunity to discuss science and more in a relaxed atmosphere with Prof. Andrzej Wiecek, the ERA-EDTA President; Prof. Gérard Michel London, the EURECA-m Chair, and Prof. Carmine Zoccali, the NDT Editor-in-Chief.
Further details will be communicated to all EURECA-m Members in the future; in the mean time, you can check the Course basic info and program by clicking here.
Prof. London
Prof. Gérard Michel London
EURECA-m Chairman
Alberto Ortiz
Prof. Alberto Ortiz Arduan
EURECA-m Secretary
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