Nephrology Dialysis Transplantation (NDT) Journal – The New Layout

NDT has drastically changed its layouts with a ‘fresher’ and amiable design. Major changes have been made in the graphics of the table of contents as well as in the colors assigned to published papers according to their specific category.

NDT features the creation of new sections: Polar view, conceived as a confrontation of two contrasting views on a given topic, Ideas, Conjectures and Refutations (coordinated by Prof. E. Ritz), a section devoted to new scientific ideas, amenable to empirical falsification and well-reasoned proposals aimed at dismissing old hypotheses and theories on the basis of new scientific evidence and Humanities and Nephrology (coordinated by Dr G. Piccoli), a section aimed at exploring the presence of art in the practice and spaces of daily experience in nephrology.

More sections will be created throughout the year on Obesity and in Basic Science in Nephrology, co-edited by Prof. A. M. Sharma and Prof. J. Floege, respectively.

According the recently released journal ranking list by Thomson Reuters, NDT (whose Impact Factor is 3.371) scored in 2012 a 0.852 Immediancy Index (which indicates how quickly articles in a journal are cited). In 2011 this index was 0.834 and in 2010 0.819. The Eigenfactor (which uses citation data to assess and track the influence of a journal in relation to other journals) also increased from 0.04992 (2011) to 0.05287 in 2012.

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