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Podcast host


I. Aim of the project

  1. To share knowledge, promote educational opportunities and discussion around trending topics in Nephrology.
  2. To produce innovative educational content for the ERA digital channels (social media, website).


II. Host nomination and term

  1. The Podcast Host is nominated by the ECC Chair after an open call. The ECC Chair will have one-to-one interviews with the candidate/candidates before the selection, if and when appropriate.
  2. The term of the office of the Podcast Host is strictly related to the recording and publication of a podcast series (10 episodes approximately) and he/she may be renewed for another series depending on the evolution of the project.
  3. An appropriate application form will be used for Podcast Host candidates.


III. Essential criteria

  1. Excellent scientific track record in nephrology and related subjects and its underlying sciences as well as in education.
  2. Recent experience in educational activities.
  3. Strong communication skills.
  4. Digital mindset.
  5. Good command of the English language.
  6. Previous experience in podcast projects (not mandatory, but preferable).
  7. Strongly supportive of ERA’s Mission and Vision to improve its educational aims.
  8. Must be a member of ERA (Full Member).


IV. Tasks

  1. The Podcast Host must work together with the ECC Chair, and the staff members appointed for this project. The main role is to host and moderate the pre-defined Podcasts. However, there may be the opportunity to have input into the Podcast content.
  2. He/she will moderate the discussion during the recording of each episode.
  3. He/she will promote the project. This might be via local channels within his/her institution, via national channels and his/her national society and via social media.


Last update: February 2023