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YNP Speakers at National Society Meetings


I. Scope

  1. Represent YNP at National Society Meetings held in Europe, Countries bordering Europe and the Mediterranean Sea.


II. Requirements

  1. Active YNP Members, including current or previous YNP Board Members;
  2. Another parameter that will be taken into consideration is the active involvement in one of the YNP activities (e.g. National Representative, etc.).


III.  Nomination

  1. National Societies should fill in the specific form and also send the requested documents;
  2. The nomination will be done after the evaluation of the forms received by the Board;
  3. The number of speakers will depend on the funds available based on the approved budget and will be allocated on a first come-first serve basis;
  4. YNP will not allow more than one speaker to the same National Society in the same year and priority is given to National Society Meetings that have not received previous support in this initiative.


IV. YNP Support

  1. YNP will support the travel costs according to the ERA rules while the National Society will support the accommodation and the eventual registration fee.


V. Varia

  1. YNP Speakers must use a specific YNP template for their presentation, prepared and sent by the ERA HQ, and must include a slide describing YNP in their presentation;
  2. YNP Speakers will receive a diploma for this task;
  3. As part of the YNP support, if granted, the organizers will be asked to give visibility to the YNP through their website and any other electronic means available (this could include newsletters, etc.).


Last update: September 2021