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NEP Editor-In-Chief


NEP is an online Educational Journal (E-Journal), its newsletter is sent twice a month (every two weeks) to all ERA’s contacts;

The Editor-in-Chief is nominated by the Council, after an open call;

The term of the office of the Editor-in-Chief is three years and he/she may be re-elected for only another three-year term;

The Editor-in-Chief receives an annual flat fee compensation which is decided by Council when the Editor-in-Chief is appointed and signs the contract with ERA;

To allow a smooth transition the nomination will take place where possible at least one year in advance of the expiration of the term of office of the current Editor-in-Chief to be substituted, preferably in the Spring Council held on that same year. The new appointment will become effective upon the expiration of the demitting Editor-in-Chief’s mandate;

An appropriate template will be used for Editor-in-Chief candidates that must include a clear description of what he/she considers his/her future vision of this E-Journal to Council prior to the official appointment done by Council. The candidate must also send two supporting letters of ERA Members together with his application;

The Editor-in-Chief must be an ERA Full member and, possibly, younger than 45 years of age;

The Editor-in-Chief shall, after consultation with Council, be responsible for forming the Editorial Board whose names shall be published in the appropriate section of the ERA website. The Editor-in-Chief may delegate, as required, the task of delegating any particular part of the journal to a member of the Editorial Board;

The Editor-in-Chief will be responsible to the Council for all matters concerning the content of the E-Journal and will be responsible for obtaining and editing all material to be posted online and for maintaining the good quality of the E-Journal;

The Editor-in-Chief must be invited to participate in an ERA Council to present a report at least once a year. This should preferably be done at one of the Congress Council Meetings. This report should include:

  • An annual report of the overall activities;
  • A detailed project or work plan for the future;
  • A balance between expenditures and the previous budget;
  • A budget for the following year.

For the rules regarding the reimbursement policy for the NEP Editor-in-Chief who participates in face-to-face meetings one must refer to the General Rules for ERA Committees;

Diploma for the NEP Editor-in-Chief. For this matter, one should refer to the appropriate section in the General Rules for ERA Committees.


Last update: August 2021