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Young Nephrologists’ Platform

ERA’s committee for the involvement of young nephrologists

Young Nephrologists’ Platform

About us

The Young Nephrologists’ Platform (YNP) is a network for all nephrologists who are 40 years of age or younger. YNP is an essential part of the community of ERA members. It aims to engage a young community of members in several initiatives addressed to young nephrologists.

We want to empower the new generations of nephrologists facilitating collaboration and being part of their professional and career development.

Join YNP and make this community grow!

All ERA Junior Members automatically become YNP Members.

Join the YNP committee

Join the YNP committee

Enjoy the exclusive benefits reserved to ERA members. Young members automatically are YNP Members: nephrologists, 40 years of age or younger, working in the areas of interest of the ERA.


Why join the YNP Community?

National representatives

YNP aims to keep close contact with the national societies of all countries. In order to achieve this close collaboration, YNP intends to have one representative per country.

If you wish to get in contact with the National Representatives or you wish to become a YNP representative contact us.

Young Nephrologists’ Platform

Which opportunities does YNP offer?

YNP Speaker Database

Are you interested in being a speaker at the ERA Annual Congress or an exchange speaker at other important and international congresses?

Submit your candidature to the new YNP speaker database!

Collaboration with NDT & CKJ

Would you like to experience reviewing articles as a YNP member?

Taking part in this initiative can open other opportunities including reviewing and scoring annual congress abstracts.

Free membership

To encourage young nephrologists to submit abstracts to the ERA congresses and publish in ERA journals (NDT, CKJ), the ERA Council accepted a merit-based free-membership programme.

There are two tracks: the first is based on abstracts accepted at an ERA congress; the second requires an original or review publication accepted in NDT or CKJ in the current or past year.

YNP Mentorship Programme

This programme aims to support young professionals to improve and build a successful career in Nephrology. It consists of an exchange of experiences between the participants. The mentee is a developing junior professional or trainee and is paired with a mentor, a senior professional who has experience in the area that the mentee is interested in.

Both the mentor and the mentee should be ERA members, and the mentee should also be a member of the YNP. Mentors and mentees can apply for the ERA YNP Mentorship Programme year-round.

The applications as Mentees are now open.
ERA National Society Grant

ERA National Society Grant

The ERA National Society of Nephrology Grant is given to a young person by the National Societies. It consists of three years of free ERA membership (Junior membership) plus one free Congress Membership to the annual ERA Congress.

Do you wish to apply for an ERA National Society Grant? Contact your National Society and check our regulations!


ERA National Grant Winners in 2023

ERA National Grant Winners in 2023

German Society of Nephrology: Karoline Rosenkranz

ERA National Grant Winners in 2023

Russian Dialysis Society: Sonya Gussaova

ERA National Grant Winners in 2023

Slovak Nephrology Society: Karol Graňák

Upcoming e-seminars

YNP Board Members

Orsolya Cseprekál

Orsolya Cseprekál

Amaryllis Van Craenenbroeck

Amaryllis Van Craenenbroeck


Fernando Caravaca-Fontán, Spain

Hugo Diniz, Portugal

Lauren Floyd, United Kingdom

Safak Mirioglu, Türkiye

Balazs Odler, Austria

Marieta Theodorakopoulou, Greece

Elisabet Van Loon, Belgium