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DoI - Disclosure of Interest

The Disclosure of Interest (DoI) is a form in which a person involved in the activities of the ERA must disclose any financial interests, or benefits in kind of value over EUR 100.00.

This form must be filled in, and constantly updated, by all members of all committees of ERA as well as by board members of ERA publications.

Each person is directly responsible for the content of his/her DoI.

Access to the DoI form is protected. Users must use their My ERA username and password to access the form. Please create a new account if you are not a current My ERA member.

ERA Accounts

The ERA is a Charity registered in England and Wales (registration n° 1060134).

The ERA Accounts are available to the general public and can be viewed by clicking on the official Charity Commission’s website.

Should you wish to receive a copy of an account from a previous year that is not on the Charity Commission website, contact us.