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ERA National Society Membership

ERA offers the National Society Members the opportunity to also become an ERA Member

The ERA National Society Membership 2024

ERA closely collaborates with the National Societies of Nephrology promoting important initiatives that benefit the European nephrological community, the ERA Community.

Become a member of one of the National Societies that adhere to this initiative, ask your National Society to receive the ERA Membership and take advantage of ALL the ERA 2024 Membership benefits!

Our goal is to make the European nephrology community grow and to spread more knowledge among members all over Europe and beyond to face future educational and scientific challenges together.

Please find at the bottom the frequently asked questions.


Why become an ERA Member?

List of National Societies participating

The list is currently being updated!

What kind of ERA membership is included?

You will have access to the ERA Online membership, with all the benefits/discounts without any kind of limitation!

I am already an ERA Member: can I take advantage of this opportunity for 2024?

If your National Society has finalised the agreement with the ERA and you are an active member of your Society, you may ask to receive the ERA Membership.

I am already an ERA member, do I keep my seniority?


For how long is this initiative valid?

The membership follows the calendar year and once the National Society starts the initiative it will continue, with annual renewals, for a minimum of three years.

Do I have to personally renew my ERA membership fee if my National Society has signed an agreement with ERA for this special initiative?

No. It will be the National Society that will pay the special discounted ERA fees for all its members directly to ERA.

I am a current member of my National Society of Nephrology and have regularly paid my dues to my National Society, will I be included in this initiative?

Yes, provided that your National Society has submitted your name and data to ERA.

If I am not an ERA member, what should I do?

Nothing! Our Society will offer a complimentary ERA Membership included in your National Society annual fee. You will be informed by the ERA on how to activate your personal account in the My ERA platform and how to take advantage of all the ERA Membership benefits.