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Elections 2023

To be eligible for election as an Ordinary Council Member (Trustee) an individual must:

  • Be a Full active member of the Association and have been a member for at least the previous five years.
  • Be or have been a board member of an ERA body (working group, committee, etc.).
  • Be proposed in writing by two other full members of the Association, such proposal being sent to the Council and received at least two months in advance of the ordinary General Assembly at which their election is proposed to take place.

To be eligible for election as an Ex-Officio Council Member (Trustee) an individual must:

  • Fulfil all the requirements listed above.
  • Furthermore, for the position of the President and Secretary-General candidates must also be or have served as an Ordinary Council Member (Trustee)

General rules

  • For 2023 Ordinary Council Member (Trustee) candidates cannot reside in Germany or Spain.

Note: this restriction does not regard the Ex-Officio candidates who will officially start their term in 2024.

  • Candidates for Ordinary and Ex-Officio members (Trustees) cannot be an ERA Senior, Honorary or Corporate Member.

Ordinary Council Members and Ex-Officio Council Members

Ordinary Council Members (2 Vacancies)

Ex-Officio Council Members (President, Secretary-General*, Treasurer*)

All candidates must:

  1. Fill in the application form for the position you wish to apply for:
  2. Send your Curriculum Vitae
  3. Send the supporting letters obtained from two other Full ERA members
  4. Send a recent photograph of yourself (portrait)
  5. If you apply for an Ex-Officio position (President and Secretary-General*), please confirm your current/past term as an Ordinary Council member (for support regarding this matter you can write to the ERA Membership Office.
  6. Finally, but very important, you must also complete/update your Disclosure of Interest form directly from your My ERA.

*Subject to the approval by the ERA General Assembly of the Constitution that will be submitted to the 2023 Ordinary General Assembly (June 17, 2023).

Contacts & Resources

Deadline: February 2, 2023

For any questions, please contact and send all required documents to membership@era-online.org

SAB - Scientific Advisory Board

In order to be eligible, the applicant must:

1. Be an ERA Full Member;

2. Not be a Council Member;

3. Being well-known and experienced scientists in one or more of the following fields – this list is not exhaustive, but it provides a spectrum of topics covered by initiatives normally judged by the SAB:

  • Fluids and electrolytes, tubular transport, renal physiology, nephrolithiasis
  • Hereditary disorders, development, pregnancy, paediatric nephrology
  • Glomerular disease and general clinical nephrology
  • CKD – pathophysiology, epidemiology, prevention, progression, ageing
  • Kidney Failure, Kidney function replacement Therapies
  • Transplantation and immunology
  • Hypertension, diabetes, vascular diseases
  • AKI, intensive care nephrology

4. Submit up to 15 most cited and highest-ranked papers;

5. Mention their own H-Index (Web of Science must be used for this calculation);

6. Complete the relevant application form;

7. Fill in/update the Disclosure of Interest form in My ERA.

For all Working Groups

In order to be eligible as a Board Member of a Working Group, the applicant must:

1. Have a proven track record of relevant scientific expertise that would justify his/her being part of the Board of the chosen Working Group;

2. Be an ERA Full Member;

3. Complete the relevant application form;

4. Send his/her application and CV together with two supporting letters from two members of the Working Group (ordinary or Board) he/she wishes to apply for;

5. Fill in/update the Disclosure of Interest form in My ERA.