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CKJ Editor-In-Chief


1. ERA has created a second Journal. Its name is “CKJ” (Clinical Kidney Journal: Clinical and Translational Nephrology) and it is an Open Access Journal which only has an online version. The scope of this Journal is to be an essential educational and training resource integrating clinical, translational and educational research into clinical practice;

2. The CKJ Editor-in-Chief is nominated by the Council following an evaluation report by the SAB (Scientific Advisory Board), and confirmed by the General Assembly of the ERA, after an open call;

3. The term of the office of the CKJ Editor-in-Chief is three years and he/she may be re-elected for only another three-year term;

4. To allow a smooth transition the nomination will take place where possible at least one year in advance of the expiration of the term of office of the current CKJ Editor-in-Chief to be substituted, preferably in the Council held before the General Assembly of that same year. The new appointment will become effective upon expiration of the demitting CKJ Editor-in-Chief’s mandate;

5. An appropriate template will be used for CKJ Editor-in-Chief candidates that must include a clear description of what he/she considers his/her future vision of the Journal to the Council prior to the official appointment done by the Council. The candidate must also send two supporting letters of ERA members together with his/her application;

6. The CKJ Editor-in-Chief must be an ERA Full member;

7. The CKJ Editor-in-Chief shall, after consultation with the Council, be responsible for forming the Editorial Board whose names shall be published in CKJ. The CKJ Editor-in-Chief may delegate, as required, the responsibility of any particular part of the Journal to a member of the Editorial Board;

8. The CKJ Editor-in-Chief in consultation with the Council can nominate an Associate Editor in case the Editor-in-Chief is prevented to carry out his/her duties. The duration of his/her office cannot exceed the term of office of the CKJ Editor-in-Chief;

9. The CKJ Editor-in-Chief will be responsible to the Council for all matters concerning publication of the Journal and will be responsible for obtaining and editing all material to be published and for maintaining the good quality of the Journal;

10. The CKJ Editor-in-Chief must collaborate with the NDT Editor-in-Chief to make sure that there is harmonisation between the two Journals;

11. During his/her term he/she is an ex-officio member of the Congress Scientific Committees;

12. The CKJ Editor-in-Chief must be invited to participate in an ERA Council meeting to present a report at least once a year. This should preferably be done at one of the Congress Council meetings. This report should include:

  • An annual report of the overall activities of CKJ;
  • A detailed project or work plan for the future;
  • A balance between expenditures and previous budget;
  • A budget for the following year.

13. For the rules regarding the reimbursement policy for the CKJ Editor-in-Chief who participates in face-to-face meetings one must refer to the General Rules for ERA Committees.

14. Diploma for the CKJ Editor-in-Chief: For this matter one should refer to the appropriate section in the General Rules for ERA Committees.


Last update: September 2021