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ERA Congress Speakers’ Hospitality


I. Accommodation

Congress speakers with only one presentation are entitled to max. two nights’ accommodation, speakers with more than one presentation are entitled to max. three nights’ accommodation (= normal length of accommodation). Only speakers who have a commitment for the first sessions held on the first day can receive up to four nights’ accommodation. In exceptional cases speakers who also have a commitment as a chair can receive an extra complimentary night, if needed.

Accommodation is in a double room for single use: in case a guest has an accompanying person, he/she should personally pay the difference owed (if any).

If a speaker has a sponsor for his/her accommodation, ERA will not provide/reimburse it (or will provide/reimburse it exclusively for the nights needed for the speaker to attend the Congress and that are not already covered by the sponsor).


II. Congress Membership

All speakers receive complimentary Congress Membership.


III. Travel

If a speaker has a sponsor for his/her travel, ERA will not reimburse it.

Tickets must be purchased by the speakers and ERA will reimburse them after the Congress.

All air tickets must be in economy class (the only exception to this rule is for the plenary lecture speakers).

Train tickets are reimbursed in 1st class only for ordinary trains whereas for bullet trains (Alaris, Frecciarossa, TGV, Thalys, etc.) only 2nd class tickets are reimbursed.

The cheapest option for the destination, taking into consideration different flight and/or train options available, will be the one reimbursed by ERA: speakers must keep this rule into consideration when making their travel arrangements.

Flat fees will be given for the reimbursement of travels done from home to the airport/train station and return as well as from the airport/train station to the hotel/meeting venue and return according to the following chart – this is valid only for those guests travelling by air/train.

If possible, a public transportation ticket will be provided instead of the flat fee reimbursement for the travel from and to the airport/train station at destination.

The use of a car is authorised only if it improves the cost effectiveness of the trip. If a speaker wishes to travel by car, he/she should ask in advance for a quote of the cost of the flight/train (if available) that ERA would have reimbursed for his/her travel, in fact, ERA will always refund/cover the costs of the least expensive option if there is an option between train/airplane and car.

The reimbursement of traveling by car is calculated at a rate per km in accordance with the official national reimbursement chart of the person who is asking for the refund (in this case the speaker will be asked to submit proof of the relevant charts). Other expenses (motorway tools, parking, ferry crossing, etc.) can be also reimbursed on presentation of the corresponding supporting documents. A specific form must be used for the reimbursement of travels done by car.


Last update: March 2023