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SoMe Team – ERA Social Media Team


I. Aim

  1. To share knowledge, promote educational opportunities and offer complete coverage of the ERA’s annual congress and e-seminar programme.
  2. To produce innovative educational tools including tweetorials, interviews, polls, visual abstracts, reels and Instagram stories.

II. Composition

  1. The ECC Chair will oversee the SoMe team which will compromise a SoMe Team Leader, a Deputy Team Leader and up to 30 members.
  2. Members must be active on at least one of the following SoMe platforms: Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. The team will be selected to ensure that the overall composition includes those active on these three platforms.
  3. At least 50% of the members should be aged <45 years and men and women should be approximately equally represented.
  4. The SoMe Team Leader and Deputy are nominated by the ECC Chair and approved by the Council. Their term will usually end at the same time as that of the ECC Chair.


III. Becoming a member

  1. The SoMe Team members are selected by the ECC Chair and the SoMe Team Leader and Deputy after an open call made to all the ERA Members. They must be approved by the Council.
  2. All SoMe Team members must be ERA Members and must use this template when submitting their application.
  3. Each member must list a preferred SoMe platform (Twitter, Instagram or Facebook). Their role within the team will mainly but not exclusively be linked to that platform.
  4. The SoMe Team members’ term will usually be three years. Each SoMe Team member can only be renewed for another three-year term.
  5. If a SoMe Team member is not active or under the minimum required activity, they could be substituted with the approval of the ECC Chair.
  6. Communication between members will be via a dedicated what’s app group and email.
  7. An information pack is provided, based on The ERA SoMe Course, and members are expected to construct posts which are of high quality and adhere to the ERA Social Media Guidelines.
  8. There will be up to three meetings throughout the year, one of which will be at the annual congress, and members are expected to contribute.


IV. Social media activity during the year

The SoMe team will be asked to engage with SoMe activities throughout the year. Each member will be expected to participate in those activities relevant to their assigned SoMe platform. These activities will include but are not limited to the following:

  1. Attend e-seminars and provide SoMe coverage*.
  2. Produce Tweetorials and Educational Reels throughout the year (up to 18 a year) on a range of topics. Coordinate Instagram / Facebook Live sessions every 3 months.
  3. Liaise with ERA members to promote their nephrology-related achievements across SoMe platforms.
  4. On Instagram specifically promote material which gives members an insight into those involved in ERA including, but not limited to, the YNP, the Council, Working Groups, Committees, staff and Members.
  5. Brainstorming new concepts and ideas.

*Please note that only 1-2 members are required to attend each to provide coverage


V. SoMe activity related to the ERA annual Congress

  1. During the annual ERA Congress the SoMe Team Leader and members will post using the ERA Twitter/Instagram/Facebook profiles and any other ad hoc communication tool available, covering the scientific sessions of the Congress.
  2. All SoMe Team members must cover between 4-6 sessions during the whole Congress to include Mini-orals, CME and Hands-On Courses.
  3. The SoMe team is expected to add additional posts to include social activity and short interviews with congress attendees.
  4. Each post should include the SoMe team member’s own handle eg brought to you by @x on behalf of @erakidney etc.
  5. The SoMe Team Leader and Deputy will prepare a schedule with all the sessions to be covered and will distribute and subdivide them among the SoMe Team Members.
  6. Collectively the team will decide upon additional posts.


VI. Specific duty of the SoMe team leader/Deputy

  1. Meet with the ECC Chair +/- committee to discuss SoMe development and activity.
  2. Support the ECC Chair in preparing an annual report about the SoMe Team members’ activity to be submitted to Council for discussion/approval.
  3. Coordinate SoMe activity throughout the year and assist with the annual ERA SoMe Course.


VII. Benefits

  1. Free ERA annual congress registration, congress travel grant of 300 Euros and a dedicated room at the Congress;
  2. A special SoMe Team Diploma at the end of the term;
  3. Access to all ERA SoMe Course materials.


Last update: May 2022