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Social media guidelines



This social media policy provides guidelines for the use of social media by the European Renal Association. 


I. Accounts

The ERA has a profile on the following Social Media: X (formerly known as Twitter), Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram and YouTube. 

The ERA Social Media profile links are: 


 II. Hashtag  

The official ERA Congress hashtag is #ERAXX with XX denoting the year of the congress. 

The hashtag will be used in all posts related to the congress from the official social media accounts. 

We encourage the use of the #ERAXX hashtag in all posts related to the ERA Congress. 


III General Social Media Rules 

  1. All Social Media users can follow ERA on the Social Media platforms listed above. 
  2. All users can like, comment and share the ERA social media content. 
  3. Comments and replies to ERA tweets and posts, and other users’ comments under ERA tweets and posts, must be done with respect, education and with constructive criticism.
  4. It is strictly forbidden to publish offensive, illegal, disrespectful, hateful and otherwise inappropriate comments, tweets and posts. 
  5. ERA reserves the right to remove comments, tweets or posts it deems, at its sole discretion, to be inappropriate and that do not follow these Social Media rules. If content cannot be removed it will be reported to social media platforms for violating that specific platform policies. 
  6. ERA does not necessarily share the views of the authors of the articles/materials that it posts on its Social Media platforms. 
  7. ERA does not offer medical advice on Social Media. Information in all its publications, including its website and Social Media, is of a general nature and should not be used for the diagnosis or treatment of specific individuals. ERA cannot engage in correspondence of any sort about such matters. ERA also cannot recommend or provide information about where, or from whom, to obtain healthcare services. For any medical problem or advice, a doctor or other appropriate healthcare professional should be consulted. 


IV. Congress Social Media Rules

  1. The use of Social Media is widely encouraged at the ERA Congress. The general social media rules also apply in this specific case. 
  2. Through the use of social media we will promote an engaged online environment that is professional, respectful, and educational for all those interested in the ERA Congress. 
  3. We encourage people to like, comment and share the ERA social media posts as well as generate and share their own content (live-tweet, slides, posters, and exhibitor information, etc). 
  4. We encourage speakers and presenters to include their Twitter handle in their introductory slides and on their posters. Institutional Twitter handles can also be included at the discretion of the presenters and speakers.  
  5. Live tweets from the ERAkidney X account will include the personal and/or institutional social media handle of presenters and speakers where possible. If presenters or speakers do not wish to have accounts tagged in X posts they should inform the congress organisers at social@era-online.org 24 hours prior to their presentation. 
  6. We ask that comments and replies to the tweets and posts of @ERAKidney as well as those engaging with the conference are respectful towards the other participants. 
  7. Pictures and videos shared at the ERA congress can be generally taken during scientific presentations, for personal use only, and can then be used on Social Media. This is provided the speaker or presenter has not indicated that they do not wish for their content to be shared as indicated below. The commercial use of pictures and videos taken during the annual ERA Congress is NOT allowed. 
  8. Speakers who do not want their content shared should do so in one of the following ways: 
  9. Presentation: For speakers who do not want any content from their presentation shared via social media they should post a slide at the beginning of their talk stating so. 
  10. Slide: For speakers who do not want content from a poster, specific slide or set of slides shared via social media they should share a ‘No Social Media’ icon.  
  11. We ask that all participants respect these requests but we cannot ensure adherence. 
  12. No content from the ERA Congress that could in any way identify a patient should be presented or shared on social media. 


Last update: February 2024