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The Congress Presidents’ Dinner


I. List of invited guests (from 120 to 150)

  1. Local Congress President 
  2. Congress Secretary 
  3. Chairman of the Scientific Committee 
  4. Council of ERA 
  5. Council of partner National Society or Other Society in case of a Joint Congress 
  6. President of the next Congress 
  7. Honorary Members 
  8. Past Ex-Officio Officers of the ERA Council 
  9. Awardees granted at that specific Congress 
  10. Speakers of plenary lectures 
  11. Chair of the Paper Selection Committee 
  12. Chair of the CME Committee 
  13. Chairs of all ERA WGs, Committees and other Bodies 
  14. The ERA Registry Managing Director and as well as the staff that wishes to participate 
  15. ASN and ISN Presidents 
  16. Editors of ERA Journals 
  17. Ambassadors representing other Societies with which ERA has a signed MoU (this is however subject to the final decision of the ERA President)
  18. ERA Staff that wishes to participate 

Other guests chosen by the local Congress President and the ERA President (total max. 10 invitees, with their accompanying persons, for a final total of 20 pax for each one).

IMPORTANT: When there are confirmed elect officers/chairs/Council members/Editors, etc. for roles that are normally invited to this dinner, they must be invited as well. This is valid for the year when there is the handover between the elect and in-office member.


II. Protocol

  1. The ERA President, the local Congress President and the Chair of the Scientific Committee must wear their respective chains with the medal
  2. At the beginning of the dinner the ERA President welcomes the guests and then will ask the local Congress President to say a few welcome words (3-5 minutes). Any VIP (Honorary Members, past officers, etc.), local Organising Committee member and/or national Council member, present at the dinner, must be mentioned at this time
  3. There is no pre-seating EXCEPT for the Presidential table where the ERA President and the local Congress President will select the people sitting at this table (4 extra couples each, for a final total table sitting of 20 pax). The tables for the staff will be placed at the sides of the setting, thus not in the middle (where the Presidential table will instead be located)
  4. Between the main course and the dessert, and AFTER the tables have been cleared, a few minutes are dedicated to the following (the ERA President will be in charge of this):
    • Thanking the local Congress President, the local Congress Secretary, the PSC Chair and the SC Chair
    • On his/her own or together with the Secretary General and/or the Treasurer, the ERA President will hand over the diplomas and gifts (if any) to the following people (if applicable):
      • Ordinary Council members ending their term
      • Chairs of all the ERA Working Groups, Committees and other Bodies ending their term
      • Local Congress President and Local Congress Secretary
  5. If applicable, the ERA President will hand over the ERA Presidential chain/medal to the new ERA President
  6. The local Congress President will give his/her farewell to the audience and hand over the local Congress President chain/medal to the local Congress President of the following ERA Congress.
  7. The Chair of the Congress SC will give his/her farewell to the audience and hand over the Congress SC chain/medal to the Chair of the SC of the following ERA Congress.


Last update: May 2024