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YNP National Representatives


I. Scope

  1. Represent YNP at National level connecting YNP to young national nephrologists and promoting all YNP initiatives also through engagement in YNP Social Media.


II. Requirements

  1. Only active YNP members can apply to be a YNP National Representative;
  2. Member having at least 1 presentation at an ERA Congress in the last five years;
  3. Must have direct connections with young nephrologists in their own country (e.g. member of a national body or committee related to young nephrologists); ERA will directly involve the National Societies for the endorsement of the candidates before the YNP will then evaluate them;
  4. Must fill in and send the Disclosure of Interest when sending the application.


III. Nomination

  1. YNP Board will be in charge of nominating the YNP National Representatives among the applications received;
  2. Applications must be submitted using this form;
  3. There should be only 1 (one) Representative per Country.


IV. Term

  1. The term is three years;
  2. One year before the end of the term, an open call will be sent to all YNP members; the current YNP National Representative may also suggest the name of a new candidate. The new candidate will then need to follow the procedure mentioned above;
  3. Any exception must be evaluated by the YNP Chair.


V. Varia

  1. National Representatives will receive a complimentary Congress membership during their term;
  2. National Representatives will receive a diploma at the end of their term;
  3. YNP Board can remove National Representatives who are inactive, following a Board vote;
  4. Any exception to any of these rules must be evaluated by the YNP Chair.


Last update: August 2022

List of National Representatives

Bosnia and Herzegovina: Andreja Figurek
Croatia: Matija Crnogorac
Czech Republic: Lidmila Francová
Denmark: Anders Nordholm
France: Aldjia Hocine
Greece: Stefanos Roumeliotis
Hungary: Orsolya Cseprekál
India: Sourabh Sharma
Italy: Carlo Alfieri
North Macedonia: Nikolina Smokovska
Montenegro: Danilo Radunovic
Portugal: Luis Falcao
Russia: Anastasia Rind
Spain: María Vanessa Pérez Gómez
The Netherlands: Daan Kremer
Turkey: Erol Demir
Uzbekistan: Olimkhon Sharapov