The ERA Registry collects data on kidney replacement therapy via the national and regional renal registries in Europe and in countries bordering Europe or the Mediterranean Sea



Introductory Course on Epidemiology
Many nephrologists perform research in addition to their clinical duties. The aim of this epidemiology course is to teach nephrologists and nephrology researchers basic epidemiology principles and to have them practise their new skills in hands-on sessions (exercises, discussions and SPSS). The knowledge and skills obtained will assist participants to improve the quality of their nephrology research.

The course faculty includes well-known nephrologists who are members of our ERA Registry Committee plus the staff members of the ERA Registry in Amsterdam.

The courses that are organised once or twice a year throughout Europe have always been very well evaluated by the more than 1000 participants so far. For each course 30-35 places are available.

Contacts & Resources

Vianda Stel

Discover the next Introductory Course on Epidemiology to be held on May 24-25, 2023 in Prague, Czech Republic!

Kinds of fellowship available for 2023

In compliance with the ERA Regulations and the annual budget (in the amount of 12,000.00 €) approved by the ERA Council for fellowships to be conducted at the Registry office in the Amsterdam University Medical Centers (AMC), two kinds of fellowship are available:

  1. Ultrashort-Term Fellowship
    • Duration: 6 weeks (42 days)
    • Grant: 6,000.00 €
  2. Short-Term Fellowship
    • Duration: 12 weeks (84 days)
    • Grant: 12,000.00 €

Candidates should clearly indicate the kind of fellowship they are applying for in the Application Form.

Once all the submitted candidatures have been evaluated and scored, the ERA Registry Selection Committee will decide whether to assign 2 Ultrashort-Term Fellowships (total allocated budget of 12,000.00 €) or 1 Short-Term Fellowship only.

The call is open from February 13 to April 13, 2023.

Applications have to be submitted through a dedicated application Form and mandatory annexes by the set deadline and sent via e-mail to

For both kinds of fellowships, the fellowship time period has to be agreed upon with the ERA Registry, and no later than the first half of 2024.


The ERA Registry has a long track record in the publication of educational papers aimed at nephrologists with an interest in clinical research.