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ERBP – European Renal Best Practice

ERBP – European Renal Best Practice

About us

The primary mission of ERBP is to improve the outcome of patients with kidney disease in a sustainable way by enhancing the availability of knowledge on the management of these patients in a format that stimulates its use in clinical practice in Europe.

To accomplish this mission ERBP:

  1. Disseminates, endorses and stimulates implementation and translation of guidance, through official publications, in nephrology following the collaboration with guideline production bodies.
  2. Produces statements (consensus or controversy statements) related to best practice in collaboration with other ERA bodies and/or guidelines in the field produced by other bodies.

Latest publications

ERBP Advisory Board

Pantelis Sarafidis

Pantelis Sarafidis


Sevcan Bakkaloglu, Türkiye

Davide Bolignano, Italy

Maria Haller, Austria

Mehmet Kanbay, Türkiye

Ionut Nistor, Romania

Edita Noruisiene, Lithuania

Alberto Ortiz, Spain

Elke Schaeffner, Germany

Sokratis Stoumpos, United Kingdom