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SAB – Scientific Advisory Board

SAB – Scientific Advisory Board

About us

The aim of the SAB is to advise the ERA Council to achieve its scientific goals and improve nephrology research.

The main SAB responsibilities are:

  • To enhance the integration of existing kidney research in Europe (countries bordering Europe and the Mediterranean Sea) into the ERA, in particular, basic research (e.g.: physiology, biochemistry, immunology, molecular and cell biology), to advance all fields of nephrology;
  • To explore the ways to promote translational research in nephrology by strengthening the collaboration between basic and clinical scientists;
  • To explore avenues of collaboration with existing research bodies (e.g.: European Community, EKHA, and other international medical Societies);
  • To identify potential research collaborations in fields related to nephrology (e.g.: hypertension, diabetes, kidney cancer, nephrolithiasis, and transplant immunology);
  • To contribute to the development and continuity of the scientific programme in the annual Congress.

Furthermore, the SAB is involved in several evaluations and selection processes: ERA Awardees; projects and fellows in the ERA Fellowship programme; feasibility and possible outcomes of surveys run on behalf of the ERA; research projects run on behalf of or with the support of the ERA; activities of the ERA Working Groups.

SAB Members

Giovambattista Capasso

Giovambattista Capasso

Rafael Kramann

Rafael Kramann


Samar Abd ElHafeez, Egypt

Marcin Adamczak, Poland

Peter Boor, Germany

Annette Bruchfeld, Sweden

Pierre Delanaye, Belgium

Charles Ferro, United Kingdom

Sandrine Florquin, The Netherlands

Richard Haynes, United Kingdom

Mehmet Kanbay, Türkiye

Vassilios Liakopoulos, Greece

Juan Francisco Navarro-González, Spain

Francesco Pesce, Italy

Kultigin Turkmen, Türkiye

José Manuel Valdivielso, Spain

Marianne Verhaar, The Netherlands

Marina Vivarelli, Italy